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WSO2 API Manager’s control plane can now be used to manage WSO2’s Kubernetes platform

Software DevelopmentWSO2 API Manager’s control plane can now be used to manage WSO2’s Kubernetes platform

The API management company WSO2 has announced updates across several of its products: WSO2 API Manager, WSO2 API Platform for Kubernetes (WSO2 APK), and WSO2 Micro Integrator. 

The WSO2 API Manager control plane was updated to now be able to manage both itself and WSO2 APK. This allows WSO2 APK APIs to benefit from the API Manager’s capabilities and the Developer Portal and Marketplace.

According to the company, benefits include a more streamlined development process, a unified platform for building comprehensive API strategies, and the ability to deploy large numbers of APIs in a scalable way. 

The control plane also gives both platforms access to the WSO2 AI Developer Assistant, providing new features like AI-based search functionality in the Developer Portal and AI-based API testing. 

WSO2 APK also added support for the GraphQL query language to make it easier for developers to request data from their own services. 

The company also introduced a VS Code extension for the WSO2 Micro Integrator, which is an integration platform for connecting different applications. The extension will be available as a developer preview on May 7th. 

The new extension also provides access to the MI Copilot, which allows developers to describe their integration in natural language and then receive recommended configurations. 

“With our new AI-based assistants, unified control plane for WSO2 API Manager and WSO2 APK, and WSO2 Micro Integrator for VS Code extension, we are enhancing these developers’ experiences by offering a more user-friendly, productive, and future-proof environment that aligns with their evolving needs,” said Christopher Davey, vice president and general manager of WSO2’s API & integration software business unit.

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