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Windows WASD Keys Reversed with Arrow Keys

Software DevelopmentWindows WASD Keys Reversed with Arrow Keys

This past weekend I had the opportunity to be what every father wants, if only for a moment: the “cool dad”. My wife was out of town and my youngest son wanted to play PUBG. I caved in, taught him the basic FPS key binds, and he was having a great time. While he was fragging out, he pressed a bunch of random keys and ended up changing movement buttons. Suddenly the traditional WASD movement keys were useless and the arrow keys triggered movement.

Of course, this was a degradation of player experience. After struggling to figure out what my son did, I found the solution.

To restore the WASD keys as movement keys, press the FN+W key combination. You’ll switch back to WASD keys for movement and be back on top of your game!

Request Metrics real user monitoring
Request Metrics real user monitoring
Request Metrics real user monitoring
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