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Weekly goals of Modderz Android app . 2024-04-22

Programming LanguageWeekly goals of Modderz Android app . 2024-04-22

Table of contents

  1. Defining success metrics
  2. This week’s sprint
  3. Highlights of last week’s sprint

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Current state of Modderz Android app

  • Modderz has successfully released version 1.12 of the Android application. With this release came many challenges and realizations. The most notably being the complexity and seriousness of implementing a design system. However, I am happy to say that the implementation of a fully custom Jetpack design system is underway and moving along according to schedule.

  • However, for this week’s sprint we shall be moving on to a even more serious topic. User experience

Defining success metrics

  • This week’s success metrics shall be the complete implementation of two new features:

1) Chat Emotes: implementing all the custom chat Emotes from Twitch
2) Double tap chat message: allowing a user to double tap a message to express support and or agreement with a single message seen in chat. Similar examples would be liking a post on Instagram or a re-tweet

Goals :

  • As always, our goals remain the same. Hit our success metrics in a timely fashion. Which means do as much as we can to optimize speed but still demand stability.

This weeks sprint

Theme: User Experience

  • This week’s code sprint is focusing on enhancing user chat experience, particularly through two features,

1) Chat Emotes implementation
2) Double tap message feature

Chat Emotes implementation

Double tap message feature

  • The double tap feature will allow individual users to double tap a message they wish to support and a specified chat Emote will make an animated appearance on that chat message.
  • A rough visual demonstration is below:

Highlights of last weeks sprint

  • Besides the basic implementation details of last week’s sprint, I would like do draw attention to the creation and implementation of the design wiki. Particularly these two sections:

1) System level chat messages

2) Basic Buttons

  • Both of these represent the start of the design system implementation. With both the System level chat messages and Basic Buttons we are granted standardization of the UI components and improving development time


  • Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this blog post of mine. If you have any questions or concerns please comment below or reach out to me on Twitter.

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