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UBIO brings out low-code dev environment NodeScript

Software DevelopmentUBIO brings out low-code dev environment NodeScript

NodeScript is a low-code visual environment in which developers connect ‘nodes’ to create programs, announced today by automation platform provider UBIO.

Developers use NodeScript to start projects, do research and development, or quickly bring on a new cloud service. According to the company, the toolset is feature complete and has all the power of a modern programming language.

Among it uses, UBIO said in its announcement, are:

  • Quickly prototyping application backends.
  • Integrating LLMs like ChatGPT that can add AI power to any node in a program.
  • Deploying at-scale backend services in one click.
  • Connecting & consolidating APIs. Think ‘iPaaS-on-steroids’.
  • Creating webhooks and performing flexible data transformations.

“Like any complete programming language, NodeScript is fully extensible and capable,” the company wrote in its announcement. “Programs can be as small or large as need dictates. Code can be modularized and one NodeScript program can be embedded in another. And since it’s visual, data flows and code connections can be observed, directly on the canvas, in real-time. The collaborative workspace is perfect for team understanding and learning.”

Marcus Greenwood, CEO of UBIO, said in the statement: “NodeScript is more than just a platform. It’s a catalyst for innovation. Our mission is to empower developers with the tools they need to succeed, and NodeScript embodies that commitment. We developed NodeScript to support the millions of automations we undertake to supply data to our clients like Google. It allows us to do that more efficiently than with written codebases. It’s saved us huge amounts of time and compute spend. We’re releasing NodeScript to other developers so they can benefit.”

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