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Twitter undergoes a bold transformation, rebranding to X. Discover the new era of social media with exciting changes ahead!

Graphic DesignTwitter undergoes a bold transformation, rebranding to X. Discover the new era of social media with exciting changes ahead!

In a bold move that has sent ripples throughout the social media landscape, Elon Musk has rebranded the iconic Twitter platform to “X.” This isn’t just a mere name change; it’s a transformation that has left many in shock. 

For a platform as established as Twitter, which boasts tens of millions of active users, such a change in logo design is unprecedented.

The change has left many questioning what will happen to the brand that has penetrated our vernacular language, pop culture, and collective memory. What do we call Twitter now? Is it the end of “tweets”? And most importantly, why this sudden shift?

Twitter’s Newest Logo

Twitter’s transformation into “X” is marked by a new logo that has drawn attention and criticism. Unveiled by Elon Musk as an “interim logo,” the simple sans-serif “X” with two strokes, one of which is outlined, replaced Twitter’s iconic blue bird. 

Musk referred to its style as “Art Deco,” which evokes a sense of elegance and modernity, but the design’s origin remains mysterious. 

Some speculate it was sourced from, modified from a Unicode character, or borrowed from a podcast logo sent to Musk.

The new “X” logo’s design has been criticized for being overly simplistic and lacking a coherent strategy. Jan Šabach, a graphic designer, pointed out that it appears optically misaligned, a stark contrast to the original bird logo’s well-proportioned and geometrically aligned design. The original logo was meticulously crafted to be simple, balanced, and legible at very small sizes, almost resembling a lowercase “e.” Its design process included hand-drawing birds, constructing drawings over circles, and perfecting every detail to give a real bird appearance.

In contrast, the “X” seems to have been created with a hasty, speedy approach, without the careful consideration that characterized the original. Its style has been described as “cold and pointy,” lacking the softness and personality that made the bluebird so endearing. This shift in style may have symbolic implications as well. The “X” symbol, often associated with exiting, may not resonate with users logging on to a platform aiming to engage and connect.

The reception of the new logo has been mixed, with users creating parodies and experts questioning the lack of a coherent branding strategy. The absence of the familiar blue hue and the transition from a carefully crafted bird to a seemingly hasty “X” raises questions about the branding strategy and the symbolic connection to the platform’s evolving identity.

Musk’s acknowledgment that the logo “certainly will be refined” in the future suggests that the current design may not be the final version. As “X” embarks on its journey to become an “everything app,” the logo’s design will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping its brand perception and user engagement.

Why Did Elon Change Twitter?

Elon Musk’s decision to rebrand Twitter as “X” is more than a mere name change; it manifests a grand vision. Musk’s fascination with the letter “X” dates back to his founding of, an online bank, in 1999. This interest was reignited when he reacquired the domain from PayPal, laying the groundwork for Twitter’s transformation.

Musk envisions “X” as an “everything app,” expanding beyond social interactions to ordering meals and transferring money. Linda Yaccarino, the company’s CEO, describes “X” as a hub for unlimited interactivity, spanning audio, video, messaging, payments, and banking. This vision aligns with Musk’s history of pushing boundaries in various industries.

The rebranding also departs from Twitter’s limited scope, embracing a broader mission. The new slogan, “Blaze your glory!” emphasizes this shift in direction. The physical and digital purging of Twitter’s brand, including removing signage and bird logos, underscores the commitment to this new identity.

However, the transformation has confused users, and the transition from tweets to posts or “xeets” is still debated. The abrupt change has sparked questions about whether the “X” name will stick, especially with remnants of the old branding still present on the site.

What Will Be the Impact of Rebranding?

The rebranding’s impact is twofold. On one hand, there’s the potential for “X” to become a revolutionary super-app, a one-stop shop for many online activities. 

On the other hand, there’s the challenge of reshaping a brand deeply ingrained in popular culture since 2006. Mike Proulx, a VP at Forrester, points out the rarity of consumers developing a lexicon around a brand, emphasizing the profound relationship between the brand and its users. 

As “X” tries to establish this bond, it faces the hurdle of users who are attached to the old terminology and are resistant to change. 

The journey ahead for “X” is filled with opportunities and challenges; only time will tell if this rebranding will be hailed as a masterstroke or a misstep.

Design Your Logo

Twitter’s transformation into “X” has opened a new chapter in social media. It’s a bold move filled with potential but also fraught with challenges. From the ambitious vision of an “everything app” to the significant shift in branding and the mixed reception of the new logo, “X” represents a fascinating case study in rebranding.

But what about you? Have you ever thought about creating your logo? Whether starting a new business, rebranding an existing one, or just exploring your creative side, designing a logo is an exciting journey.

If you’re inspired by Twitter’s rebranding and want to try your hand at logo design, there are tools out there to help you. With BrandCrowd’s Logo Maker, you can create a professional-looking logo without any design experience. It’s user-friendly and offers many customization options to bring your vision to life.

Or, if you prefer a more personalized touch, you can tap into the creative minds of designers worldwide through DesignCrowd. By crowdsourcing your logo design, you can receive unique and tailored concepts that align with your brand’s identity.

A logo is more than just a symbol; it’s a visual representation of your brand’s essence. Just as “X” is striving to redefine its identity and connect with users in new ways, you, too, can embark on a creative journey to design a logo that resonates with your audience.

If you want to join Twitter now, feel free to create your own Twitter header, too, so your profile is geared up for success. 


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