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Top 59 Hotel Logos That Build Trust and Loyalty

Graphic DesignTop 59 Hotel Logos That Build Trust and Loyalty

As we know it, the world of hospitality branding is a harsh and competitive environment. 

Talk about hotels popping up everywhere, cruise lines getting all the attention, and, in the midst of that, Airbnb disrupting the industry. 

So, if you want to stand out, paying attention to the little details is not an understatement. Hospitality is where even the smallest detail contributes to a hotel’s reputation, customer trust, and loyalty. 

Among these details, perhaps none are more immediately recognizable than a hotel’s logo design. These simple designs, often overlooked at first glance, carry the significant weight of a brand’s identity. Hotel logos are more than just appealing images; they are silent ambassadors, assuring prospective guests of the comfort, quality, and reliability they can expect. 

So, what a way to treat our loyal blog readers to a well-curated list of hotel logos. Luxury logos, short stays, beach houses, you name it — these accommodation logo designs are the perfect inspiration for your business.

Why Choose a Hotel-Inspired Logo?

Hotel logos are a masterclass in design. They need to be simple yet memorable, elegant, yet welcoming. They must convey a sense of comfort and luxury, all while staying true to the brand’s identity. 

A well-designed hotel logo can inspire trust and loyalty in your customers, making them feel at home even before they’ve set foot in your establishment.

Different Hotel Logos to Try

Before we delve into the specifics, let’s take a moment to appreciate the diversity and creativity in hotel logos. 

Each category of hotel has its unique vibe, and their logos are a reflection of this. They blend art and marketing, a visual representation of the brand’s identity, and a promise of the experience that awaits the guests.

So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the different types of hotel logos and what makes them so special. 

  1. Luxury Hotel Logos

Regarding luxury hotel logos, the name of the game is elegance and sophistication. 

These logos are the epitome of high-class design, often featuring clean lines, minimalist designs, and a touch of gold or silver for that extra bit of opulence. They’re like a well-tailored suit or a little black dress – timeless, classy, and always in style.

Take, for example, the Ritz-Carlton’s lion crest. The lion, a symbol of nobility and strength, combined with the regal crest design, instantly communicates the brand’s commitment to providing a luxurious, high-quality experience. 

Similarly, with its simple yet elegant design, the Four Seasons’ tree symbol exudes a sense of tranquility and sophistication, perfectly encapsulating the brand’s promise of unparalleled luxury and comfort.

Hotel Gotham – Rejected logos by Alex Aperios

Khodam Hotel by Aditya Dwi

Ritzio by BrandByMery

Crown Motel Logo Concept by James van Kriedt

Villa Kerzenheimer Tor by Coric Design

Hotel (for sale) by Lara Iskritskaya

Personable, Hotel Hotel Logo Design by sushsharma99

Personable, Hotel Hotel Logo Design by dyogab83

Elegant, Hotel Hotel Logo Design by Andrew

Hotel Hotel Logo Design by chynthiadewi91

Elegant, Hotel Real Estate Development Logo Design by Petar 7

Elegant, Hotel Hotel Logo Design by GLDesigns

Professional, Hotel Hotel Logo Design by Atvento Graphics

Traditional, Hotel Hotel Logo Design by hd

Upmarket, Hotel Hotel Logo Design by J. Brandt Studio

Hotel Building Property by spayro

Luxury Sun Hotel by Riri

Hexagon Hotel Bar by Joemar

Abstract Hotel Building by spayro

Hotel Establishment Architecture by Amin007

Victorian Door Hotel by Riri

  1. Beach Hotel Logos

Moving on to beach hotel logos, the vibe is about relaxation, fun, and a connection with nature. These logos often feature bright, sunny colors, playful fonts, and imagery related to the sea, the sun, or tropical flora and fauna

They’re like a breath of fresh sea air, instantly transporting you to a world of sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and endless summer days.

Take a look at the logo of the Beach House Hotel in California. The palm tree, a universal symbol of tropical paradise, combined with the ocean waves, perfectly captures a beach hotel’s laid-back, fun-loving vibe. It’s a visual promise of sun-soaked days and balmy nights, of the sound of waves lapping at the shore and the feel of sand between your toes.

Property logo by Mr. Khaled

Santorini Resort Visual Identity by Cajvanean Alexandru

Beludan – Hotel and Resort by Aditya Dwi

Cabot Cost Logo Exploration, Spa and Resort by Jahid Hasan

resort logo design idea by Saurav Karmoker

island logo design by Design Fans

Beach Hotel Logo by Olga

Modern, Hotel Logo Design by step forward 2

Elegant, Hotel Real Estate Development Logo Design by VOLTART

Bold, Circle Parties and Events Logo Design by Birdcage

Upmarket, High End Travel Logo Design by Ota design

Modern, Sophisticated Hospitality Logo Design by ThiagoB

Bold, Letter Logo Design by Md Shehidul Islam Rimon

Upmarket, Modern Logo Design by VinVick Design

Modern, Modern Logo Design by Omee

Sunset Tropical Beach by Dessy

Sunset Summer Beach by marcololstudio

Sunny Beach Ocean Wave by BryAd

Beach House Realty by novita007

Blue Beach Resort by yulianrhmn

Beach House Hotel by marcololstudio

  1. Motel/Inn Logos

Last but not least, we have the logos of motels and inns. These establishments often have a more homely, welcoming vibe, and their logos reflect this. 

Motel logos and inn logos often feature warm, earthy colors, rustic fonts, and imagery related to comfort and hospitality. They’re like a warm, inviting fire on a cold winter’s night, promising a cozy, comfortable stay.

The logo of the Comfort Inn is an excellent example of this. The inviting sun symbol perfectly captures the brand’s promise of comfort and hospitality with its warm colors and friendly design. It’s a visual representation of a home away from home, where guests can relax and feel at ease.

The Beachwalk Motel by Lynae Hilton

Inn House Logo Design by designsraw

Gulf Beach Motor Inn by Lynae Hilton

Mono Inn by Dusan Sol

The Harrison by Elif Kamesoglu for Elbu Studio

Conservative, Hotel Logo Design by wonderland

Hotel Logo Design by MOH Studio

Hotel Hotel Logo Design by Seamus Radu

Modern, Hotel Hospitality Logo Design by Paperfox Designs

Modern, Hospitality Hospitality Logo Design by MBARO

Hotel Logo Design by MBSquare

Beach House Island Resort by eyed

Starry Night Bed by JimjemR

Bedroom Furniture Design by Mypen

House Door Interior Design by BryanPF

Sunset Window Blinds by JimjemR

Key Heart House by Clee

Design Your Logo

So, there you have it, folks! A whirlwind tour of the world of hotel logos. Whether you’re a hotelier looking to revamp your brand or a designer seeking inspiration, we hope this list has given you some food for thought. 

You might think, “That’s all well and good, but I’m not a designer. How am I supposed to create a logo?” Well, we’ve got good news for you. There are plenty of resources out there that can help you create stunning free logos. BrandCrowd offers a vast selection of high-quality, customizable free logo templates. You can tweak the designs to suit your brand, and voila! You’ve got yourself a professional-looking logo.

But don’t stop there. Your brand isn’t just about your logo. It’s about your entire online presence. So why not take it a step further? Use your new logo to create a cohesive brand image across all your platforms. Design a Facebook post that showcases your brand’s personality, create an email signature that leaves a lasting impression, or even design a letterhead that adds a touch of professionalism to your correspondence. You could also create a LinkedIn banner that stands out and attracts potential clients or partners.

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