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TON Connect: Forging a Password-Free Future

Software DevelopmentTON Connect: Forging a Password-Free Future

Currently, the most popular method for authentication in mobile applications and websites is a combination of username and password.

However, this method has many drawbacks, mainly the risk of losing money or having your information stolen.

Password managers undoubtedly simplify the authentication process, but they are not widely popular.

In this regard, TON Connect technology provides a perfect solution to this problem. With its advanced cryptographic methods, you can log in to your accounts with just one click using the TON wallet.

This approach does not require memorizing passwords, guarantees data confidentiality, and provides access to blockchain functionality, including the ability to pay with cryptocurrency, such as Toncoin.

What Are TON and TON Connect?

TON Connect is an open standard for secure access to internet services that does not require usernames and passwords. It was developed by The Open Network, a continuation of the Telegram Open Network project.

Initially, TON Connect was created to integrate with the Tonkeeper wallet. However, after public discussion, it was turned into a general network standard, meaning its functionality became available for other wallets and services within the TON ecosystem.

In addition to Tonkeeper, TON Connect has received support from various popular decentralized wallets on the TON network, such as Tonhub, MyTonWallet, TON Wallet, and others.

Similarly, the possibility of integrating TON Connect extends to all services, such as TON Domains, TON Bridge, and other network applications.

What Is TON Connect for?

In the world of cryptocurrencies and smart contracts, wallets and applications play a crucial role in ensuring the security of user data.

Wallets provide a user interface to verify transactions and securely store cryptographic keys on user devices. These keys are necessary for securely signing and proving ownership of cryptocurrency.

Applications, in turn, act as an interface for interacting with smart contracts. They lack direct access to user funds, so for executing a transaction in a smart contract, the user needs to authenticate through their wallet.

Thus, the interaction between wallets and applications creates a secure and convenient environment for users, allowing them to efficiently transfer their crypto assets and manage smart contracts.

Comparison of TON Connect and WalletConnect

TON Connect is clearly not the only solution on the market. Users often wonder why they can’t just use existing multi-network technologies like WalletConnect for authentication.

TON Connect and WalletConnect

The main difference between WalletConnect and TON Connect is that when using WalletConnect, all messages pass through a single centralized server.

However, this approach contradicts the principles of decentralization, which are fundamental in blockchain technologies.

Despite the similarity in the structure of both technologies, TON Connect does not have a central hub, and any blockchain specialist can launch their own server, which allows for a higher degree of decentralization.

Another clear benefit of TON Connect is its full integration with The Open Network environment.

How to Integrate TON Connect with Websites

When websites have not yet merged TON Connect and require entering a username and password to log in, you can use the built-in password manager provided by TON’s wallet.

This method works as follows: every time you need to log in to a specific website, you enter a secure password that is automatically generated based on the private key of your TON wallet. This approach provides security similar to using traditional password managers.

It is important to note that in both cases (using the built-in password manager in the TON wallet and traditional password managers), all your passwords are encrypted with a single master password, which increases the overall level of safety.

It is also expected that other TON wallets will also support this feature in the future, making password autofill even more convenient and safe for users in The Open Network ecosystem.

How to Incorporate TON Connect

Linking your wallet to TON Connect allows users to conveniently interact with applications in The Open Network system. If you want to implement TON Connect, follow these steps:

Incorporate TON Connect

  • Study the protocol’s technical specifications: First of all, carefully review the protocol’s documentation and technical specifications. This will help you understand how your wallet and TON Connect should interact.
  • Implement the protocol using one of the SDKs: To execute the protocol in your wallet, use one of the Software Development Kits (SDKs) provided for TON Connect. These tools will help you incorporate TON Connect functionality into your application.
  • Add your wallet to the list of supported wallets using a pull request: After successfully implementing the protocol and integrating with TON Connect, add information about your wallet to the list of supported wallets. You can do it through a pull request – a proposal for changes in the repository containing information about supported wallets.

When incorporating TON Connect, it’s essential to adhere to the technical requirements and standards set for the connection.

This way, you will ensure compatibility of your wallet with other services and applications using TON Connect, providing users with a convenient and secure way to interact with The Open Network ecosystem.

Future of TON Connect

The future of TON Connect looks quite promising, with significant expansion of functionality expected in upcoming updates, including the ability for connected applications to send notifications to your TON wallet.

The primary benefit of this update is that applications will be able to send notifications only if you grant permission to do so.

Unlike traditional methods such as email or phone numbers, where notifications can come without explicit user consent, TON Connect will provide a more transparent and manageable way to interact between your wallet and various applications in The Open Network.


TON Connect technology represents an innovative solution in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies designed for fast and convenient authentication.

Compared to the shortcomings of traditional authentication methods such as usernames and passwords, TON Connect stands out for its efficiency and level of security thanks to advanced cryptographic methods combined with a decentralized approach.

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