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The Surf and Turf Challenge

Graphic DesignThe Surf and Turf Challenge

Evolutions have astounded us for so many years. What do you mean we come from apes? What can we do? The research and science are clear. Centuries and eons of survival of the fittest gave rise to the diversity of species we enjoy now: from goats to piranha, from lions to amoebas. 

But would it be fun to play with it a bit? What if we have a completely different set of species that have evolved? Instead of lions, what if we get a hybrid of elephant heads but with a lion body? What if we see birds with fish heads? We don’t have that, but it’s up to our creativity. 

Since we are creative here on DesignCrowd, we asked our community of designers to come up with their own evolutionary enigmas. 

What’s the Challenge?

This extraordinary contest invites designers to turn the evolutionary process on its head. From the primal amoeba to modern man, evolution has been a journey from sea to land. Now, it’s time to merge these realms in a whimsical twist of nature.

Participants are tasked with creating a Land/Sea/Air creature hybrid. This isn’t just a test of imagination but also of skill, as quality is paramount. The challenge is to blend elements of land and aquatic life in a way that’s as absurd as it is artistic.

The Winning Creations:

The submissions we received were a testament to the boundless creativity of our logo designers. Here are some of the top entries that took us on a journey through uncharted evolutionary waters:

The Seahorse Centaur:

The first image presents a mesmerizing blend of a camel and a turtle. This creature, with the upper body of a majestic camel and the lower body of a delicate turtle, seems to gallop through the ocean depths with grace and elegance.


The Croco-Duck

In the second entry, we encounter the Puppy Turtle, a striking hybrid of a puppy and a turtle. This creature, with a turtle’s formidable body and a dog’s head and face, embodies the perfect fusion of land and aquatic prowess.

Photoshop Design by mattbyng


The Turtle Dove:

The third image showcases the piranha bird, an imaginative amalgamation of a fish and a cockatoo. This serene creature, with the fur and wings of a bird and the head of a piranha, can mean peace and harmony between air and sea.

Photoshop Design by mattbyng


Explore More Ingenious Designs:

From the depths of the ocean to the peaks of mountains, our designers have unleashed their creativity. Scroll down to witness all the entries and embark on an evolutionary journey like no other.

See all entries below:

Photoshop Design by beatbot


Photoshop Design by mattbyng


Photoshop Design by wolverine


Photoshop Design by bluw0lf7


Photoshop Design by JClark8220


Photoshop Design by Stubblychin


Photoshop Design by macgek


Photoshop Design by hechtal


Photoshop Design by damirspanja


Photoshop Design by hdoblick


Photoshop Design by Ernestostada


Photoshop Design by endlissdesign


Photoshop Design by Supdog


Photoshop Design by Rlovring


Photoshop Design by Rlovring


Photoshop Design by andrea1000


Photoshop Design by Dylkan


Photoshop Design by Saddy10


Photoshop Design by Saddy10


Photoshop Design by RickLaMesa


The Contest’s Impact:

This contest was more than just a display of artistic talent; it was a celebration of imagination’s power to redefine the boundaries of nature. It showed how creativity could breathe life into the most fantastical ideas, making us rethink the limits of evolution.

Inspired to Create Your Own Evolutionary Marvel?

Why not try your hand at designing your own land/sea creature for your next project? Our tools and templates are perfect for bringing your imaginative concepts to life.

Design Your Evolution-Inspired Logo:

Looking to infuse your brand with a touch of evolutionary wonder? Our logo maker tool is here to assist. Browse our collection of nature-themed logos and find the perfect fit for your visionary concept.

Design your own evolutionary fiction

Which entry from the ‘Evolutionary Enigmas: Surf and Turf Challenge’ captivated you the most? 

Do you want to submit an entry for the next challenge? Get prepared using DesginCrowd’s pool of talented designers. Also, you can be inspired by BrandCrowd’s collection of animal logos. 

Do you have ideas for your own evolutionary creation? Share your thoughts and leave a comment below. Until next time, keep evolving your imagination!

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Written by DesignCrowd on Wednesday, December 20, 2023

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