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The Mythical Unicorns and Pegasi

Graphic DesignThe Mythical Unicorns and Pegasi

Unicorns and pegasi are well-known mythical creatures featured in films, books, cartoons, and paintings. Now it’s time for them to make them the main star of a photo!

This is why we at DesignCrowd hosted a photoshop contest to spark the imagination of our creative community. The challenge? To seamlessly and flawlessly integrate unicorns or pegasus into various images, resulting in a magical visual feast.

There are no limits to the challenge. Designers can place them in medieval settings, fantasy realms, Ancient Greece, or even the streets of New York if they wish. They can even depict them hanging out in their backyard (who doesn’t want a pet unicorn, right?).

The contest has received 47 submissions from 39 creatives. Check out the wonderful entries below! 

Regal and Graceful

The winning submission is this seamless and beautiful edit from batbrat. The drama that this photo brings is top-notch! From the wind, flowy mane, and folded wings, it looks like our pegasus just came down from the sky to grace us all. 


The Powerful Unicorn

We also loved this entry from DaemonDCLXVI. Our runner-up created a great edit depicting a white unicorn in a grassy field. It’s a very believable edit, with excellent light source matching and shading. 

Photoshop Design by DaemonDCLXVI


Steampunk Unicorn

We also want to give a shout out to this entry from LunarRose. It depicts a pegasus in a gold steampunk gear. The rich gold colors here really make the photo pop. 

Photoshop Design by LunarRose


See the other great design entries here

There’s a great variety and versatility in the entries we received. Some opted for a subtle and realistic integration, making the mythical creatures look like they were in the original photo. While others embraced a more surreal and bold approach, creating an otherworldly look.

Scroll down to see more:

Photoshop Design by DragonTat7


Photoshop Design by aards2


Photoshop Design by Zakfuego


Photoshop Design by ChrisEll


Photoshop Design by saphra


Photoshop Design by sugarcane


Photoshop Design by jadebeloved


Photoshop Design by machacasaurio


Photoshop Design by DeathsInevtiable


Photoshop Design by Worth1000 User

Worth1000 User

Photoshop Design by Sieriad


Photoshop Design by Jaylee1


Photoshop Design by urnmns


Photoshop Design by timboyle


Photoshop Design by ChrisEll


Photoshop Design by Stoil Vatev

Stoil Vatev

Photoshop Design by ChrisEll


Photoshop Design by kitsune1920


Photoshop Design by snakebit


Photoshop Design by DragonTat7


Whew! All of those look great. If that inspired you to create your own unicorn or pegasus edit, why not try our Facebook post maker or video maker? It has a huge range of templates that you can customize to make your editing a lot easier.

Our logo maker tool is also here if you want to make a mythical-inspired logo. Browse our collection of unicorn logos and pegasus logos, and choose one that best fits your liking. Whether you want a minimalist silhouette, a regal look, or a cute cartoon unicorn, we have it all for you. 

Want More Design Ideas?

Another great work from our creative community! If you’re curious about our other contests, check them out here:

What was your favorite entry? Are there any mythical creature edits that you want to see next? Leave a comment below. Till next time!

Written by DesignCrowd on Friday, December 22, 2023

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