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Testing 1,2,3,4,5 – The Daily WTF

Programming LanguageTesting 1,2,3,4,5 - The Daily WTF

An anonymous friend sent us our frist test in prod for this week. And then there will be more, and more, and more.

“This came up in Kaspersky’s Blog’s RSS. If you’re lucky
they might still have the error up in the original URL.”
I don’t know if “chron” is just how “cron” translates to Russian and back, but the test appears to have succeeded.


Manuel H.

ratted out his favorite channel.
“ARD Mediathek is testing something. I don’t know whether this
test was successful or not.”

die Ratte, o rato, el raton, you know.


Back again,
Daniel D.
is running with some fast company. We just weren’t so fast about sharing his finding. Says Daniel
“We test images in this lab. Where is that draft post?
I mean we should be able to find it and preview it with those test images. Right?
Right?! (Ah, fuck it.)”

Fast Company, get it?


Marc Würth
digs Migros.
“Switzerland’s most popular retail business
is doing a test in production for its Android app with
1 Mio+ installation. Or may be I just don’t see the connection
between Firebase & frozen pizza…” You say mio, I say MM, tomato, tomato. Pizza is good.

yum, pizza.


“Testing is Delicious!” remarks
Lily White
“When I asked the waiter what I’d get by ordering this
test item, I was delighted to be told that I would lose
two cents — probably used as a bonus for whoever decided
to test in prod.” If only she had joined as a member the
price would have been 50% lower!

I really stretched my interpretation of kanji for this, hope I got close.


What is that thing? A stick figure diving? A person riding a snake? Macaroni orbiting Pluto? It’s going to bother me all weekend unless you can explain it.

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