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Technologies for implementing a matchmaking and usage of apis related to dating app

Programming LanguageTechnologies for implementing a matchmaking and usage of apis related to dating app

Hello everyone,

my mission for the future is, I want do a dating app with firebase and need to do a matchmakingsystem, for the start it can be a simple one. matching like the miles or specific hobbies and so on.

i could also need apis like for location tracking or paypal services.

now chatgpt said that I dont need to learn a specific backend language and can do the matchmaking with typescript on cloud functions and for the apis I also dont need a backend language but just backend knowledge.

Iam now not sure about the equippment I need at the end for doing what I want.

i want be sure.

About me, I learned javascript and the framework angular. I did many learning projects.

My biggest one is a slack clone I build in 3 months with firebase and angular.

Build with access auth from firebase, creating channels and asking questions and direct messages between users and deleting users who are toxic ect.

I did communicate with chatgpt, but it can also do mistakes.

I was on udemy to look about specific courses and in forums.

for me who has not an overall knowledge it is very hard to have a full imagination about the tools for the goal.

so I would be happy about help from far more experienced people who know what is right and I thank very much and wish for all a great sunday.

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