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Stunning App Design Trends for 2023

Graphic DesignStunning App Design Trends for 2023

The theme of this year is inclusivity through education and innovation. Does your app design fall into any of the three categories mentioned?

No worries, we’re here to enumerate the top App Design Trends for 2023 just for you. We know the first quarter has gone by quickly.

But here’s our rendition of app designs that’ll get you trending and noticed this 2023.

Why You Need Eye-Catching App Design

The simplest and straightforward answer is because of user experience. With the rise of technology, accessibility, and seamless processing is the best way for your business to make a lasting impression.

Depending on your niche, applications allow your customers to use your services, browse products, or play games on various devices. And those devices need a specific code and design that will enable them to function and look excellent on screen.

Take a look at famous apps that people often use for amusement. Functionality is a must; the fewer bugs, the better, but how it looks is also a plus.

Your app is excellent in their eyes as long as the user’s experience is great both visually and usability. And with the first quarter of 2023 finished, get your app design up to date and create a positive lasting impression with the ideas below.

App Design Trends for 2023

This 2023, applications are taking on a new look, incorporating older trends while others shine a light on accessibility and inclusivity. We collated 17 design trends to improve your application and turn those on-lookers into patrons with just a tap of a finger.

3D Design

As the name suggests, 3D design for apps is excellent because of their real-life design that transcends the online world. Aside from that, it adds movement and dynamism that your users’ eyes will love.

This design is broad, so you can mix and match it with any of the following techniques. What matters is your application’s real-life representation and how it makes your viewers feel and see the possibilities through your app.

Split Bill – Mobile App UI Design Animation by Mahmudul Hasan Manik

Bold, Simple App Design by Victor

AR and VR Immersive Experience

Next, we have the reality-bending design in the form of virtual reality and augmented reality.

Virtual reality relies on breaking the boundaries of our imagination. It transports you to a world that only lives in fiction, much like the hyped Bondee, a metaverse app that took over Asia a few months back.

It allowed users to customize 3D characters and hang out in spaces their friends or others created. While on the other hand, augmented reality apps like Shopify AR enable shop owners to give a more immersive experience for their shoppers.

While looking through items, customers may open the AR menu and see if the thing they chose works well in the space they want to add it to—are you thinking about adding an AR or VR option to your application? 

Magic Leap – Enterprise AR device by Jack R. for RonDesignLab

Pillar – AR Art Gallery by Padhang Satrio

Chatbot Takeover

This design dives into the UI/UX experience since humans want instant responses. Chatbots are an excellent addition to your customer service experience.

The most common form is FAQs that your chatbots are programmed to answer while you are away. Around 53% of consumers are more likely to buy from a business if they can message it.

What better way to make them feel heard than with chatbots ready to help them navigate your app?

Callert – Chatbot by Daniel Prokopiuk

AI Conversational Chatbot App by Anton Mihalcov

Emphasis on CyberSecurity

With rampant hackers, you can never be too careful in fortifying your application. Add that firewall, and protect it from malware. Use a 2-step verification system or even go as far as using Face ID as a password to help you protect your users and their information.

Don’t forget to color your design accordingly, color blue is a common choice for cybersecurity apps since it exudes trustworthiness and security. After all, with cybercrime costing $6 trillion annually, you can never be too careful, so ensure your users and your safety by adding that extra plug-in safety.

Fast VPN Mobile App by Ali Ezzati ?

Cyber VPN by Mehran Ghanbari

Flatlays Are Here to Stay

Compared to 3D design, flat lays or 2D techniques are still popular for your application. It continues to give a professional yet young look.

It also exudes user-friendliness. You can utilize the psychology of shapes paired with bright colors for that cute vibe.

Modern, Golf Sports App Design by iLexter

Playful, First App Design by Amir Iqbal

Glassmorphism is In

The hovering design of this application trend gives your business a clean, see-through-like complexion for your app. This technique is excellent with vibrant colors since it helps emphasizes what’s on top of the blurry part of your design.


Money Counter App by Reza Daneshian

Gradients Are Still Trending

Another popular color palette for apps today is gradients. Mixing two or more colors gives your application a fun, vibrant feel while looking professional.

You can use color psychology or the color wheel to help you decide on the color combinations here to give you a more meaningful and inspired look that your users will appreciate.

Playful, Attractive Social App Design by AppGeek

Crowd Crowd App Design by iLexter

Still with us? Congratulations, you’re halfway through the trends.

Illustrations and Beyond

Hand-drawn illustrations will continue to thrive because of their personal and modern touch. Still, an up-and-coming technique under this design is digital and nostalgic illustrations.

The boundary-breaking and stylized digital illustrations allow you to brand yourself as innovative and adaptive to the times. At the same time, the nostalgic ones copy the feel of the retro cartoons and movies with dull colors and 8-bit style of images and or animation.

Playful, Different App Design by Jesse Yusufu

Good App Design by Hamzah Rahmatullah

Minimalism = More

As we know, the current trend in graphic design is minimalism. Use space to emphasize aspects of the content you want your customer’s attention to.

You can use a muted color palette that’s trending today or a more vibrant color, like a gradient design incorporating minimalistic characteristics to help your application stand out.

Elegant, Medical Medical App Design by AppGeek

Modern, Media App Design by AppGeek

More Animation Please

As we’ve said above, animation is also becoming quite a trend. Whether it’s animating your posts or your website has a dynamic banner, the movement refreshes the eyes of your market and retains their attention.

Animation is also great in an application since it enhances your user’s experience and immerses them in the world you’re bringing them into, like in games or as reactions to a specific post.


This technique in app design makes it look like you have an embossed look. It utilizes shadows to create your flat lays look like it’s popping out of the screen.

Often, the colors here are light and have sans serif font to make your look more professional and clean. Overall, this neomorphic style imitates depth and dimension that amazes your users’ eyes.

Another Guitar Effects Shot by Mik Skuza

Desktop Widget – BeatLab by Outcrowd

Personalized Elements

People love to customize their belongings. From fashion to houses, giving your users the satisfaction of having a choice on how they can personalize their page or selves in your application is always a plus.

Think about this statistic when you plan out the personalized elements you’ll introduce to your user in your application: 89% of markets said there was an increase in revenue for app personalization.

Cris | Freelancer Portfolio by Logan Cee

Personal website for one of our clients by Cuberto

Serifs at the Center

Incorporate a feel of class and sophistication through your font style. Serifs are rising for 2023 because they give your application a traditional yet fun look paired with a suitable color scheme and iconography.

Bold, Education Education App Design by -Marc-

Mental Health Meditation App by Mihai Petrea for Flexin Studio

The Dark Mode Rises

Welcome to the dark side; we have reduced eye strain. Users love reverting to this theme, with 61.9% of website users approving it, while 81.9% of smartphones have the option.

Dark mode protects the eyes and allows you to stay on apps longer, but the interface gives your users a relaxed look with a contrasting color palette, and the typography has a clean, sleek white design.

Team Management Tool by Surja Sen Das Raj for Ofspace UX/UI

NFT App – Glassmorphism by Cristopher Echevarría

Voice Interface

Third to last, we have an emphasis on accessibility. The theme of 2023 is inclusivity, and what better way to do that than to add a feature that allows users to use their voice to command your application?

It’s also seamless and eases processes since people don’t have to type the text or hold the button to take a video. And that’s why Alexa, Siri, and the like exist to help people control your application with just a voice pitch.

Voice command in smart to do app. by Zazuly Aziz for Pixelz

Smarthome with voice command by Debobrata Debnath


Applications embedded in the items you wear, like watches, the recent Google glasses, and other tech items you may think of making an application for. This trend shows us the future and where our technology is going—accessibility and ease are at the forefront of the applications here.

Smart Home – Apple Watch App by Mihai Petrea

Smart Glass Analytical Dashboard UI by Pradeep kumar

Wordless Passwords

Lastly, we have wordless passwords. This last trend is a mix of voice interface and cybersecurity. But if they’re similar, why does this need a bullet?

Because passwords are becoming versatile and easier to create but harder to crack, from voice recognition to face ID and thumbprint, our cybersecurity keeps getting better at protecting and harder at breaking.

Payment finalization concept with facial recognition by Divante S.A.

Harbourmaster – Login with fingerprint by Agensip

Design Your Fresh App Today

Got hyped by the application design trends above? We hope so; your business deserves quality execution for your app for more incredible conversion.

Don’t forget to incorporate your design into other aspects of your brand identity for better consistency. You can hire a freelance designer here at DesignCrowd to help you better your app or different types of design you may need for your business.

Or you can brandish your business name on various aspects like your business cards, logo design, letterheads, and more through our templates at BrandCrowd.

Create the best app design for 2023 with the trends above and incorporate it into your whole brand kit as a business today!

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