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Snyk releases AI-powered ASPM solution

Software DevelopmentSnyk releases AI-powered ASPM solution

Developer productivity solution provider Snyk today released Snyk AppRisk Pro, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to help developers and security teams locate and remediate critical risks that can harm the business.

Snyk AppRisk Pro gives AppSec teams context around risk issues to enable the teams to prioritize the riskiest issues and make informed decisions as to how to eliminate them. The solution, according to the company, provides insights such as how the application was built, what’s in its code and the impact on the business, all with the use of AI. Insecure portions of deployed applications can be traced back to the code components where the risk originated, Snyk said in its announcement. 

“Fueled in large part by AI-driven code, application development is accelerating at an unprecedented pace, and security teams worldwide are increasingly overwhelmed as a result,” Manoj Nair, chief product officer at Snyk, said in the release announcing the new tool. “Snyk AppRisk Pro now provides AppSec teams with a birds-eye view of their overall application security program from both a risk exposure and management coverage perspective, equipping and empowering them to now proactively drive both remediation and prevention. This latest solution additionally underscores Snyk’s overarching commitment to a developer-first approach, consolidating both security and development efforts seamlessly within one platform.” 

Snyk AppRisk Pro uses AI to provide context from data collected in other security and observability solutions, as well as runtimes and secrets-related coverage management, the company said.

New integrations with Dynatrace, SentinelOne and Sysdig provide what the company said is “a holistic understanding of how an applications works,” empowering teams to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities, and identify such things as if a vulnerable open-source package is deployed and in the runtime.

Further, AppRisk Pro can handle a diverse set of program requirements through an integration with Nightfall AI, including “enhancing visibility into application risk coverage  based on secrets scanning, thereby helping AppSec teams ensure that application code repositories and data sources do not include sensitive information such as passwords.”

To learn more, visit the Snyk AppRisk Pro web page.


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