Saturday, June 22, 2024

Server-side rendered Web Components – DEV Community

Programming LanguageServer-side rendered Web Components - DEV Community

I recently wrote a post about why I thought Web Components were finally having a moment and the comment thread was filled with a lot of discussion about server-side rendering that I felt missed the point that Web Components are primarily about adding interactivity to web pages rather than being a component system for building them. When I wrote the post I assumed that people would create the content using server-side rendering as they would normally.

However since I wrote that post the Enhance WASM (Github repo) actually allows you to server-side render Web Components which makes the question more than an odd hypothetical.

I’m still not sure that most organisations and developers actually have a use case for needing server-side rendered Web Components. I feel that often server-side rendered React is mostly about developers not having to learn another templating language on top of JSX, but if it matters to you then it is now at least possible.

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