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SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: SurrealDB

Software DevelopmentSD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: SurrealDB

SurrealDB is a multi-model database that offers scalability and adaptability so that developers can fit it to their use cases. The project maintainers call it “the ultimate cloud database for tomorrow’s applications.”

It reduces development time by eliminating the need for a lot of server-side components required by other databases. The database can also function as an API backend service, making it easier for teams to collaborate in real-time, the maintainers explained.

SurrealDB supports multiple querying languages and methods: SQL, GraphQL, ACID transactions, WebSocket connections, structured and unstructured data, graph querying, full-text indexing, and geospatial querying.

Other key features include granular access controls, single-node or distributed mode, advanced JavaScript functions for customization, and the ability to store data in tables, documents, and graph. 

“SurrealDB offers a dynamic and adaptable platform for business. With an integrated suite of cutting-edge database solutions, tools, and services, SurrealDB empowers your workforce to discover innovative answers using products meticulously crafted to meet their requirements,” the project’s website states

It currently has 25.6K stars on GitHub, over one thousand users, and over 100 people contributing to the development of the project. It is also used at Amazon, CGI, HSBC, NVIDIA, Salesforce, and Wayfair. 

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