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SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Quill

Software DevelopmentSD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Quill

Quill is an open-source rich text WYSIWYG editor designed to be customizable by the user.

It uses a modular architecture to allow the editor’s behavior and functionality to be changed. It officially supports a number of modules that can be added, including Toolbar, Keyboard, History, Clipboard, and Syntax. Each module also has additional configuration options as well for further customization. 

The project offers cross-platform support, ensuring that things look the same regardless of what device or browser the developer is using. 

“If some content produces a particular markup in Chrome on OSX, it will produce the same markup on IE. If hitting enter preserves bold format state in Firefox on Windows, it will be preserved on mobile Safari,” the docs claim

Quill was developed by Jason Chen and Byron Milligan and is currently maintained by knowledge management platform Slab

It currently has 41k stars on GitHub.

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