Sunday, June 16, 2024

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Bruno

Software DevelopmentSD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Bruno

Bruno is an API client that hopes to revolutionize “the status quo represented by Postman, Insomnia and similar tools out there,” the project’s website says.

It stores collections directly on users’ filesystems, with no intention of ever adding cloud-sync. “We value your data privacy and believe it should stay on your device,” the maintainers say on the project’s GitHub page

The project maintainers also created a new markup language called Bru to save information on API requests. 

It supports use of git or any other version control process for collaborating on API collections.

The project was created in 2021 and open-sourced in October 2022. According to the project maintainers, growth was slow at first and then picked up rapidly in late 2023. 


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