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Script to get the emails of your followers

Programming LanguageScript to get the emails of your followers


You may want to reach your followers directly. In my case I needed this script to share our new project with the audience.

How does it work

  1. A lot of users on are using Github to sign up, so their username matches their Github username
  2. Some people have their email address public on Github

Input parameters

  1. cookie session. You can find it Dev Tools by inspecting any XHR request and looking for _Devto_Forem_Session
  2. Github personal access token. You can create one here

Go script


go run dev_to_emails.go --devtocookie={DEV_TO_COOKIE}--ghtoken={GH_TOKEN}
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  • users.json – list of followers
  • emails.txt – list of found emails

In my case I was able to find 900+ unique emails from my followers.

Hope this was helpful and please use it with good intentions only.

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