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ScaleOut Software introduces v3 of its Digital Twins cloud service

Software DevelopmentScaleOut Software introduces v3 of its Digital Twins cloud service

ScaleOut Software today unveiled version 3 of its ScaleOut Digital Twins cloud service and on-premises hosting platform, with advanced capabilities for building large-scale digital twin simulations and adding connections to more messaging sources. Version 3 integrates with Amazon Dynamo DB, offering enhanced persistence capabilities, the company noted in its announcement.

Digital twins, for the uninitiated, are virtual representations of system that can be worked on for testing or integration without affecting the original system.

Among the new features in the release are a new user interface to make deployment and status tracking of digital twin models easier, the ability to aggregate statistics and enable tabular queries and automatic query storager, and the creation of recordings of messages during digital twin simulations and persist them to SQL Server. Version 3 also lets users connect digital twin models to Kafka, and persist digital twins to AWS Dynamo DB in addition to SQL Server and Azure Digital Twins, the company said in its announcement.

Further, the company wrote, “Application developers can take advantage of ScaleOut’s open-source APIs to construct digital twin models for real-time monitoring and simulation on the ScaleOut Digital Twins platform. Prior to deployment at scale with thousands of digital twins, they can test applications using an open-source workbench.”

The ScaleOut Digital Twins platform uses highly scalable, in-memory computing technology to host thousands of digital twins for monitoring live data from IoT devices and other data sources, enabling real-time analytics that provide actionable results in seconds. The platform also runs large-scale simulations that aid in the design and operation of complex systems, such as transportation and logistics networks, smart cities, and more.

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