Sunday, June 16, 2024

Past Imperfect – The Daily WTF

Programming LanguagePast Imperfect - The Daily WTF

A twitchy anonymous reporter pointed out that our form validation code is flaky. He’s not wrong.
But at least it can report time without needing emoticons! :-3

That same anon sent us the following, explaining
“Folks at Twitch are very brave. So brave, they wrote their own time math.”


Secret Agent
“There was no train two minutes ago so I presume I should have caught it in an alternate universe.”
Denver is a key nexus in the multiverse, according to Myka.



Dallin H.
is a tiny bit heated about ambiguous abbreviations – or at least about the software that interprets them with inadequate context.
“With a range that short, I’d hate to take one of the older generation planes.”
At least it might be visible!



François P.
“I was running a return of a phone through a big company
website that shall not be named. Thankfully, they processed
my order on April 1st 2024, or 2024年4月1日 in Japanese.
There is a slight delay though as it shows 14月2024, which
should be the 14th month of 2024.
Dates are hard. Date formatting is complicated. For
international date formatting, please come back later.”



At some time in the past, the original
Adam R.
encountered a time slip. We’re just getting to see it even now.
“GitHub must be operating on a different calendar than
the Gregorian. Comments made just 4 weeks ago [today is 2023-02-07] are
being displayed as made last year.”



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