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Netlify begins rolling out latest version of its Next.js runtime

Software DevelopmentNetlify begins rolling out latest version of its Next.js runtime

Netlify has announced the newest version of its Next.js runtime, which allows developers to run Next.js on Netlify with no configuration. 

“We’ve invested heavily in this new runtime to address any runtime challenges and provide a seamless experience for Next.js developers. The release underscores Netlify’s commitment to keeping pace with evolving framework needs, fostering open communication, and delivering a robust support infrastructure for Next.js and other frameworks alike,” Netlify wrote in a blog post

Next.js Runtime v5 introduces support for App Router, which is a feature that allows developers to build applications using React components like Server Components, Streaming with Suspense, and Server Actions. According to Netlify, App Router helps enable smoother client-side routing and simpler navigation within applications. 

App Router and Pages Router also allow for on-demand, time-based revalidation functionality, which allows content to be refreshed and regenerated. 

This release also does fine-grained caching that leverages Next.js’ Full Route Cache and Data Cache. What this means is that static page responses are automatically cached at the edge, and then can be revalidated later by path or by tag.

And finally, Netlify integrated its Image CDN with Next.js’ next/image component by default, which ensures that images are always being served in their most efficient format. 

Next.js Runtime v5 will begin rolling out to Starter accounts this week, Pro and Business accounts in the second week of April, and Enterprise accounts starting in mid-April. 

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