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Mabl now offers automated mobile testing

Software DevelopmentMabl now offers automated mobile testing

The testing company mabl has announced that it now offers automated mobile testing capabilities in its platform, which already offered testing for web and APIs. 

It was designed to give full coverage of all the unique functionalities of varying mobile devices and their operating systems.

With this new new offering, tests are created through a low-code interface, meaning that developers can create tests for their mobile apps in a matter of minutes and non-developers can also utilize the platform. According to the company, this makes testing more accessible and will help to build a culture of quality throughout the organization.

Tests can be executed in parallel across multiple devices, ensuring that testing teams are able to get results faster.  

The platform also offers capabilities designed to increase trust in test results by minimizing the occurrence of flaky tests, which are tests that return both passing and failing results. These include things like auto-healing, which is when tests rewrite themselves to adapt to code changes, and Intelligent Wait, which tailors testing wait times to the normal pace of the application. 

In addition to offering a low-code interface, mabl’s mobile testing capabilities also utilize AI to help make testers even more productive by reducing manual selector tests, speeding up test creation, automatically discovering gaps in test coverage, and identifying performance degradation issues. 

“Ensuring  the  highest  quality  software  across  the  entire  user  experience  is  critical  for organizations  today.  End  user  transactions  globally  occur  primarily  on  smartphones,  yet  the mobile  app  testing  and  deployment  process  has  failed  to  catch  up  to  the  pace  of  change,  and largely  continued  to  be  arcane,  time-intensive,  and  highly  piecemeal  in  its  focus  on  the  testing experience,”  said  Dan  Belcher,  cofounder  at  mabl.  “In  this  climate,  organizations  that  don’t  put mobile  quality  front  and  center  will  fail  to  attract  and  maintain  their  user  base.  At  mabl,  we’ve seen  firsthand  that  organizations  that  embrace  AI-powered,  automated  testing  solutions  have  a competitive  advantage,  by  democratizing  mobile  app  testing  and  accelerating  time  to  market.”

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