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Look Back at DesignCrowd’s Unique Contest

Graphic DesignLook Back at DesignCrowd's Unique Contest

Have you ever seen a painting and wondered what it would look like in today’s world? DesignCrowd recently hosted an art contest that did just that. They asked artists from all over to reimagine famous Renaissance paintings with a modern twist. The idea was simple yet captivating: mix the old with the new.

The excitement around this contest was huge. Artists who are part of the DesignCrowd pool were thrilled at the chance to blend classic art with modern celebrities. Imagine seeing a painting like the Mona Lisa but with a famous face from today. It wasn’t just about creating something new; it was about connecting the past with the present in a fun and creative way.

This wasn’t your typical art competition. It was a celebration of creativity and imagination. Artists in varying levels had the chance to show off their skills and see how their peers combined history with contemporary culture. Everyone was eager to see how these familiar artworks could be transformed.

The Contest Brief

The heart of the contest lay in its brief: artists were asked to take well-known Renaissance artworks and reimagine them by incorporating modern celebrities or pop culture figures. This meant that artists had to have a good understanding of Renaissance art and a keen eye for contemporary culture. The challenge was to create a seamless blend that paid homage to both eras.

Participants were required to adhere to specific guidelines. First and foremost, the artwork had to be original and creative, steering clear of cliches. Certain subjects, like the Statue of David and works by Norman Rockwell, were off-limits to encourage diversity in choices. Additionally, all submissions had to follow the Arena Rules, ensuring the content was appropriate and respectful.

Judging Criteria

The judging of the contest focused on several critical criteria. Creativity and originality were at the forefront as the contest sought to showcase unique interpretations and innovative blends of historical and modern elements. Technical skill in artistry was also crucial, as was the ability to effectively convey the theme. The judges looked for works that followed the rules and stood out in terms of their artistic quality and conceptual execution.

Certain skills the judges were looking for:

  • Be original; avoid cliches.
  • Certain subjects, like the Statue of David and Norman Rockwell’s works, were off-limits.
  • Keep it clean and adhere to the Arena Rules.

The contest was open to artists from all backgrounds, encouraging diverse submissions. Participants were not just competing for prizes; they were part of a larger community celebrating creativity and innovation. The contest also engaged the wider audience, with many following the submissions and voting for their favorites, creating a buzz in the artistic community.


Photoshop Design by Worth1000 User

Worth1000 User

Photoshop Design by Worth1000 User

Worth1000 User

Photoshop Design by underworth


Photoshop Design by funkwood


Photoshop Design by netodark2012


Photoshop Design by ghimm


Photoshop Design by jacman2084


Photoshop Design by PixJockey


Photoshop Design by AzureSky25


Photoshop Design by AzureSky25


Photoshop Design by scarin


Photoshop Design by PixJockey


Photoshop Design by ghimm


Photoshop Design by PixJockey


Photoshop Design by qwertyop


Photoshop Design by silberto67


Photoshop Design by casttak


Photoshop Design by Lukesome


Photoshop Design by uksweetheart


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With platforms like DesignCrowd, you have the tools to bring your vision to life. Whether you’re an experienced designer or just starting out, there’s no limit to what you can create when you combine creativity with passion.

Written by DesignCrowd on Tuesday, November 21, 2023

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