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JetBrains releases test automation IDE, Aqua

Software DevelopmentJetBrains releases test automation IDE, Aqua

JetBrains has announced that its test automation IDE, Aqua, is now generally available.

Aqua makes it easy for testers to create automated tests for UIs, APIs, and other areas of an application. Like other JetBrains IDEs, it offers code completion and code refactoring capabilities. 

According to JetBrains, Aqua supports every aspect of test automation, including database management for preparing application data, an HTTP client for running HTTP requests and assertions, an embedded Web Inspector to view web pages and capture elements of them for testing, and Docker support for configuring containers, downloads, and build images. 

It is available in both commercial and free versions, with the free version designed to be used by beginner test engineers.

JetBrains Aqua was first introduced as a preview in November 2022. It initially only supported the Selenium API and Selenide, and then was expanded in 2023 to include support for Playwright and Cypress.  Now, it supports most commonly used test automation languages, including Java, Kotlin, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, and SQL. 

“Since Aqua’s launch in Preview, we’ve received substantial feedback from our users. They appreciate the concept of an IDE tailored for test automation engineers, recognizing the unique skill set required for testing applications,” said Sergey Kozlovskiy, product marketing manager for JetBrains Aqua. “Another advantage often cited by Aqua users is its support for major languages and frameworks used in test automation. Additionally, our Web Inspector feature, which functions as an embedded browser within the IDE, has been widely appreciated for its convenience as it removes the need for constantly switching to Chrome DevTools.”


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