Sunday, June 23, 2024

It’s Our Party – The Daily WTF

Programming LanguageIt's Our Party - The Daily WTF

…and we’ll cry though we really don’t want to.

“Happy birthday DailyWTF! My gift to you, yet another
date related Error’d for the pile.”


is learning from dummies.
“I sure hope this lecture gets rescheduled,” he says.



Mark W.
sang a song of x pence.
“The BetterSleep app has been throwing this exact same
limited time offer at me on startup for so many months
now, it has even lost track of what it’s trying to get
me to pay them.”



An anonymous reader shared an obvious mixup:
“Looks like Microsoft Rewards messed up the order in their string formatting.”



Finally, dedicated critic
Daniel D.
snidely accents an Amazon Error, saying
“I was quite surprised that says that letters
with diacritics are invalid… Anyway, it probably goes
like this: designed back in 1994 their internal systems
are still running probably some DOS 5.0, where č character
must be invalid (and the overall website look & feel is
like 20 years back as well). ”



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