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How to Create Effective Designs For Mobile Marketing

Graphic DesignHow to Create Effective Designs For Mobile Marketing

Today there are over 6.8 billion smartphone worldwide users in 2023. And while more and more users are migrating to mobile devices, marketers ask themselves, “How do we engage with our mobile audience?” Brands discover new opportunities and adapt to the new “mobile” reality through mobile marketing. But it requires effective designs to gain maximum out of marketing.

What is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is promoting a brand’s products and services among users of mobile devices: smartphones, tablets, mobile apps.

Mobile devices have long been a part of their owners. And brands can use it to their advantage. So, mobile marketing can help:

  • Increase loyalty and recognition
  • Attract new customers and retain existing ones
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Increase brand credibility

In addition, mobile marketing provides an opportunity to reach a wider audience, segment them and turn them into quality leads. After all, mobile users use a smartphone for calls, texts, and purchases.

Why is mobile marketing important?

The modern user spends almost 7 hours daily on the Internet. It is more than 40% of their lives. And this figure is only growing every year.

Increased digital content consumption is a great opportunity for brands to interact with their target audience. However, it is worth remembering that how content is consumed is constantly changing. And if a few years ago computers were the number one device for surfing the Internet, now smartphones are coming to the fore. Accordingly, designers must adjust their designs to the new realities of mobile marketing.

Brands must account for mobile audiences to avoid losing the lion’s share of customers. For example, when users are uncomfortable interacting with a brand on a mobile device, the likelihood of conversion drops by 62%, no matter how effective the promotion strategy.

The saturation of the digital space and new devices have opened up new brand opportunities and created new challenges for designers. To stay competitive in the staff market and create effective designs, designers should change their attitude to mobile designs and constantly monitor new trends.

Benefits of creating effective mobile marketing designs

Competent designs for mobile marketing provide:

  • Improved personalization and relevance. With mobile marketing, brands can reach their target audience anywhere and anytime – at work, home, or even while traveling. Designers can effectively engage with audiences anywhere on the customer journey map by creating effective designs for mobile marketing ad campaigns based on user preferences, purchase history, and online behavior.
  • Profitability. More often than not, mobile marketing is less expensive with effective designs than traditional forms of advertising.
  • More opportunities. Mobile marketing with effective designs has many tools for experimenting.
  • Virality. Mobile designs are easy to share. For example, if users like a promotional design on Instagram, they’re more likely to share it with their friends.

So, now you understand that effective design for mobile marketing has crucial value for success. With proper designs, many businesses find that integrating sales automation software along with it can significantly enhance their sales. Designers who know how to create effective designs for mobile marketing are more in-demand and get paid higher.

Tips on how to create effective designs for mobile marketing

In this part of our article, we will discuss 5 components of effective design for mobile marketing: text, images, colors, buttons, and logo. Let’s start.


Text is one of the most popular elements of design. 50% of design effectiveness depends on it. Here are tips on how to place text in designs for mobile marketing:

  • Work with the text first, and then move on to selecting images.
  • The text should be relevant to the image. Otherwise, the message will be inconsistent. This is an obvious-unbelievable tip, but it’s important. 
  • Reveal one unique selling proposition in one design. Don’t try to talk about all the product’s benefits at once. You have little space, and it’s rare for a user to pay attention to your design for over 6 seconds.
  • Text is usually read from left to right, from top to bottom. It’s better to place the main information in the upper left corner.
  • You should use a header (no more than 4 words) and subheading (no more than 5 words). Do not forget about the contrast of the title and subheading. The formula for calculating this is the text pt size * 1.6 = pt size of the title.
  • Use no more than 2 fonts in the design for mobile marketing and no more than 3 lettering.
  • Add buttons to your designs. The text on the button = a verb calling to action. If we’re talking about an app, it should be Download/Install.
  • Place the text on a contrasting background. If the text is difficult to read, all the previous points have been made in vain.
  • Accentuate the text with shades and saturation of color.
  • Handwritten fonts are undesirable. They are difficult to read quickly.
  • It is undesirable to type in capital letters. It may feel like you are yelling at the user.
  • As always, remember you have little space, which means that if you can write less, you do. Such an example might be instead of 500 dollars – 500$.

These tips on text placement will help you avoid mistakes in your designs for mobile marketing.


Images are in second place in terms of importance for effective designs. Here are tips on how to choose and apply images in designs for mobile marketing:

  • The key to an attractive design is maximum color contrast. It can be achieved with complementary colors, diametrically opposed on the color wheel.
  • Forget about Unsplash. All designers love this free photo stock, but it is unsuitable for performance. UGC content has been showing great results for several years. You should move away from glossy designs to maximum life situations.
  • Choose images that fit the subject matter and audience. For example, illustrations won’t work well for finance and investing.
  • Try to choose images that will read quickly when adapted.
  • The number of objects in the design is not more than 3 pieces. The image should be read in 1.7 seconds. Therefore, it is desirable to abandon the complex collage stories.
  • Give enough space for your elements. So there will be an opportunity to set accents.

These tips on image choice and application will help you avoid mistakes in your designs for mobile marketing.


Colors help to maintain consistency throughout the design. They help to combine text and other design components. Here are tips on how to choose colors in designs for mobile marketing:

  • Use color accents. An example would be a monochrome picture and an accent button on the banner. This way, the call-to-action will be emphasized.
  • Remember the rule of working with color: 60% primary, 30% secondary, and 10% accent color. All objects can not be an accent. Choose one or the other.
  • Associative colors. Color can excite sight and the senses: touch, taste, and smell.

These 3 quick tips on color usage are basic. By adhering to them, you will avoid mistakes.


The button is one of the least design components in terms of importance. Nevertheless, it has value for mobile marketing designs. Here are 3 quick tips:

  • The button should contain a maximum of 2 words or 18 letters.
  • It should be the most contrasting element.
  • The button’s shape should preferably be a filled rectangle with rounded edges.

By adhering to these tips, you will avoid mistakes.


A logo is rather a complementary element for design. Tips you should know about:

  • It should occupy no more than 15% of the entire design area.
  • In Facebook formats, it is recommended not to place the logo in the upper left corner because the interface element duplicating it is located exactly above it.
  • In Instagram Stories, the logo is not needed at all.
  • The optimal position for the logo is the upper left corner. But here, of course, it is worth considering the brand identity and its rules.

The logo is not necessary to include in every design. But if you include it, you should do it properly. Try a logo maker for inspiration and efficient design process. 


One of a designer’s tasks is simple: attract people’s attention and encourage them to think about buying with the help of design. With people spending more and more time on their smartphones, a good mobile marketing design is a big advantage for brands in the race for profits and user attention.

Written by DesignCrowd on Monday, June 19, 2023

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