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How Many Colors Should I Use for My Branding

Graphic DesignHow Many Colors Should I Use for My Branding

Did you know that colors are essential to your customer’s decision-making process? 

Before viewing your product, potential customers rely on your brand colors to decide whether or not they want to purchase your product and learn more about your brand or walk past it.

You can play with the different color palettes with our logo maker to discover which colors suit your brand best. But before that, join us in another session of knowledge about branding!

Learn about brand colors and how many colors your business should use.

What are Brand Colors?

Whether launching a new business or rebranding to give your brand a new look, you’re probably wondering how to pick the right colors to show off your company identity logo. 

Thankfully, it’s a task many successful companies and famous brands have done many times. Understanding the impact of brand colors and how it affects your customer’s behavior will help you choose the right colors to improve your brand image. 

You should learn about color psychology and color theory for a positive customer response. But first, let’s talk about brand colors. 

Brand colors are an essential factor in your brand’s visual identity. You should carefully choose these colors to create a unique and memorable visual identity. For example, looking at the Coca-Cola logo makes you immediately think of red and green colors for the Starbucks logo. 

When it comes to brand colors, remember that consistency is critical. Using the same colors across all your advertising materials helps reinforce your brand’s identity and make it more recognizable to customers. 

Let’s check out the two types of brand colors that your brand must have:

Primary Brand colors

Primary colors are the most important colors of your brand’s visual identity. These colors are the main colors of your company logo and are used consistently in all your marketing materials. They should be uniquely memorable and easily recognizable by customers and relate to your brand. 

You can check out primary colors such as blue logos, orange logo ideas, and many more!

Secondary Brand Colors

The secondary brand colors of your brand are additional colors that complement your primary colors. But why do you need secondary colors? These colors create depth and variety in your visual identity to emphasize specific elements in your marketing materials. 

Your secondary colors should remain consistent with your overall brand identity and work well with your primary colors. Examples of secondary brand colors include the Google logo with yellow, blue, red, and green colors.

Overall, your primary and secondary colors help create a beautiful logo and a recognizable visual identity for your company. Using consistent colors on all your marketing materials can strengthen your company’s brand recognition and make it easier for customers to remember and identify your brand.

How Many Colors Should You Use?

There are no strict rules about how many colors you should use for your brand. However, having too many colors on your logo can confuse your customers, so it’s recommended to keep your number of colors limited between one to three primary colors and a few secondary colors for contrast and variation. 

Having the right colors on your brand can help maintain consistency and clarity in your visual identity, making it easier for customers to recognize and remember your brand.

On the other hand, too many colors make your brand look messy, which may negatively affect your brand’s ability to communicate your brand message. Limiting the number of colors used can make your brand more versatile and adaptable to different marketing channels and platforms.

There is no strict number of colors you can use for your brand, but if you’re looking to get your brand known and stand out easily, limiting the number of primary and secondary colors may help.

Here are examples of famous logos that use:

One Color Logos:








Two Color Logos:








Multi-Color Logos:







4 Tips for Choosing Your Brand Colors

Now that we have discussed brand colors, their two different types, and their importance to your brand, let’s learn the tips for choosing the right color.

Here at DesignCrowd, we want to help your business stand out with the right brand colors. To give you an idea, here are four tips for choosing your brand colors.

1. Understand your brand identity

Your brand’s colors reflect your brand identity, so you must understand your brand identity to select the right colors for your brand. Your color palette should align with your brand’s values and the message you want to relay to your audience. Here is a spectrum of brand identity traits to help you build your brand:

Trendy – Timeless

Friendly – Formal

Trusted – Rebellious,

Local – International

Rugged – Refined 

Fun – Serious

Modern – Classic

Spontaneous – Planned

2. Explore color meanings

After identifying your brand personality, it’s time to choose the colors to communicate it. To do this, you need to read and research color psychology to understand the different meanings of different colors and what industries suit each color best.

3. Choose your primary and secondary colors

Your brand’s primary color is the color associated with your brand the most. You may find it challenging to choose your primary color, so let us give you a tip. Look for a single color that best represents your business based on the different color meanings. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the different shades and tints of color you have in mind. 

Once you have chosen your primary color, you can pick two to four secondary colors to pair it with. These colors compliment your primary one and can be three types: analogous color scheme, contrasting color scheme, and monochromatic color scheme.

4. Test your brand colors

Have you picked your colors yet? It’s time to combine them and test them in a few combinations. Do they complement one another and convey the message you were trying for? If not, choose other colors and perform the test again.

Pick Your Brand Colors Now!

There we have it! You now know branding colors and how to choose one for your business. Pick and experiment with your business color today. 

You can boost brand recognition by applying your brand colors across all your advertising materials, such as business cards, flyers, posters, and more!

Establish your brand with the right colors now!

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