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GitLab 17 introduces GitLab Duo Enterprise and new CI/CD catalog

Software DevelopmentGitLab 17 introduces GitLab Duo Enterprise and new CI/CD catalog

GitLab has announced the latest version of its platform. GitLab 17 introduces new features such as GitLab Duo Enterprise, a new CI/CD catalog, and Native Secrets Manager.

GitLab Duo Enterprise is a new AI add-on that builds on the capabilities of GitLab Duo Pro. It can be used to detect and fix security issues, summarize issue discussions and merge requests, resolve CI/CD bottlenecks, and improve team collaboration. 

It also includes an AI impact dashboard that provides insights into the impact of AI on the software development life cycle so that teams can assess whether their AI usage is delivering actual value. 

GitLab expects that this offering will be available in the next couple of months to GitLab Ultimate customers.

Another new feature in GitLab 17 is a new CI/CD catalog that allows developers to discover, reuse, and contribute CI/CD components. Organizations can also create their own private catalog that can only be accessed internally. 

The company also added a Native Secrets Manager, enabling customers to store sensitive credentials directly in GitLab.

Other new additions in GitLab 17 include the availability of GitLab Dedicated on Google Cloud, new SAST integrations, product analytics features, observability functionality, agile planning capabilities, and Model Registry for developing AI/MLs within GitLab. 

“GitLab continues to revolutionize the way organizations develop, build, secure, and deploy software faster leveraging a comprehensive DevSecOps platform,” said David DeSanto, chief product officer of GitLab. “GitLab 17 ushers in the future of AI-driven software innovation by removing silos across every team involved in delivering software value, automating tasks and complex workflows, and ensuring security and compliance is built-in from the beginning.”

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