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GitKraken Acquires CodeSee; Launches New DevEx Platform

Software DevelopmentGitKraken Acquires CodeSee; Launches New DevEx Platform

Development tools company GitKraken today announced the acquisition of CodeSee, a developer observability solution provider, and launched a new Developer Experience platform.

The addition of CodeSee’s code insights capabilities will enable GitKraken to help developers understand “even the most complex parts of their code base,” according to the company announcement.

“The launch of GitKraken’s DevEx platform is a major milestone in our mission to make developers’ code – and their lives – materially better,” GitKraken CEO Matt Johnston said in the statement. “And with the acquisition of CodeSee, we’re raising the bar for developer experience, making code visibility, better PR reviews, and workflow automation available to 30 million devs around the world.”

GitKraken today also announced support for Google Gemini, formerly Bard, which uses AI to help developers generate code from natural language prompts, analyze code for errors or vulnerabilities, suggest code completions, and more. This support builds on the company’s extant support of OpenAI and Anthropic models, the company said.

Over the past decade, GitKraken has become synonymous with intuitive visualizations that help developers harness the full power of Git. In the past two years, it expanded to include GitLens for VS Code (JetBrains and Visual Studio slated for later this year), GitKraken CLI, and, all designed to seamlessly integrate Git workflows across developer environments.

GitKraken’s DevEx platform supports multiple Git hosts, Bitbucket and Azure DevOps, and integrates with Jira, Trello and other workflow and issue-tracking systems, according to the company. New features include Code Suggest, which speeds the pull request review process; a LaunchPad developer hub for managing WIP, issues and pull requests; and, a website that provides desktop and mobile access to features that help developers stay connected to projects and teams when they need to be.


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