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Free Square Business Card Mockup Graphic Design Junction

Graphic DesignFree Square Business Card Mockup Graphic Design Junction

Simple and clean Square Business Card mockup template offers an excellent solution for small businesses aiming to make a strong and memorable first impression. Its free availability, integration of smart objects, and high-resolution output provide a user-friendly and professional tool for showcasing business cards realistically. By leveraging such mockup templates, small businesses can efficiently and effectively present their brand in a way that stands out and resonates with their audience.

In today’s competitive landscape, small businesses need to stand out – and that includes their business cards. Square business cards break away from the traditional rectangular shape, offering a modern and distinctive look. Their unique dimensions (typically 2.5 x 2.5 inches) make them stand out in a stack of standard cards, immediately capturing attention. This shape is particularly appealing for creative industries, boutique businesses, and professionals seeking to convey innovation and a forward-thinking attitude. But before you go to print, visualize your design with a free square business card mockup template.

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Square Business Card Mockup (Preview)

The square business card mockup template provide a realistic preview of how the final printed business card will appear. This can be particularly useful for making design decisions, as it allows for a true-to-life representation of color schemes, fonts, and layout. Seeing the design in a realistic context helps ensure that the final product aligns with the brand’s vision and objectives.

Free Square Business Card Mockup Template

Square Business Card Mockup

Business Card Mockup

Key Features of the Square Business Card Mockup Template

  1. Free Availability: One of the most attractive aspects of this mockup template is its free availability. Small businesses often operate with tight budgets, and finding high-quality, cost-free design resources can be a game-changer. Free mockup templates provide professional-grade tools without the financial burden, allowing businesses to allocate their resources to other critical areas.
  2. Smart Object Integration: The use of smart objects in design mockups revolutionizes the ease and efficiency of the customization process. Smart objects allow users to replace the default design with their own artwork simply by double-clicking the smart layer, pasting their design, and saving the changes. This feature ensures that even those with minimal design experience can produce professional results quickly and effortlessly. It eliminates the need for intricate adjustments, maintaining the integrity and proportions of the original mockup.
  3. High Resolution: High resolution is a critical factor for any mockup template, as it ensures the final output is sharp, clear, and professional. A high-resolution mockup (typically at 300 DPI or higher) guarantees that the business card will look crisp both on screen and in print. This is particularly important for detailed designs, intricate logos, and small text, all of which need to be clearly visible and legible.


  • Easy to edit and customize
  • Front and Back design mockup template included
  • Changeable colors with FX effect
  • CMYK @ 300 DPI
  • Professional and clean structured files
  • Well organized layers and layer groups
  • Single PSD file
  • Filesize: 97.3 MB

Easy Steps to Add Your Design

  • Open the PSD file and double-click on the Smart Object Layer.
  • Simply Drag n Drop your design in the opened layer.
  • Adjust the design, FX, close the layer and Save. Now you’re all ready to present the design.

License, Usage, and Sharing:

The mockup templates is design by Yasir Jawaid exclusively for GDJ. This template is completely free for commercial and non-commercial usage. You cannot, however, claim them to be your own. You should include a link to our website when you share any where.

Download Square Business Card Mockup

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