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Domo’s App Studio provides simple no-code interface for automating business processes

Software DevelopmentDomo's App Studio provides simple no-code interface for automating business processes

The BI company Domo has just announced the release of its no-code app platform, App Studio, designed to enable any business user to automate their business processes with easy-to-create apps. It was previously in beta and is now officially generally available. 

Users can heavily personalize their apps by creating them in the studio, which offers the ability to change things like colors, logos, and fonts, and add charts, buttons, and icons with drag-and-drop functionality. 

These apps can be made to be highly interactive, and can incorporate fillable forms or data from a data warehouse or other application. App Studio also presents automation opportunities such as the ability to map and automate business processes, trigger actions in other systems, and write data to other systems. 

At a company event today, Domo announced over 20 new features being added to App Studio upon its release, such as the ability to adjust the navigation experience, a new theme engine, native mobile experience, and Domo Everywhere, which allows users to quickly embed their Domo apps into company portals or external websites. 

In addition to announcing the general availability of App Studio, Domo also announced updates to its low-code automation tool Workflows. New features include third-party integrations, more options for tailoring Workflows for specific tasks, and queues for editing manual tasks. 

“App Studio has been one of our most engaging and one of the most highly subscribed beta offerings and unlocking new functionalities in the tool today will give customers entirely new ways to make data-driven decisions that maximize business impact,” said Ben Schein, SVP of product at Domo. “The GA release of App Studio and updates to Workflows make it easier than ever for our customers to enhance their data solutions and enable anyone in a business to build intelligent, innovative and automated business apps with ease.”


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