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DC Contest: Vintage Ads

Graphic DesignDC Contest: Vintage Ads

Hello, digital art aficionados and retro lovers! As you know, DesignCrowd is more than just a logo design platform. We also host contests from time to time. 

This time, get ready to step into a unique fusion of eras where the charm of yesteryears meets today’s sleek aesthetics. 

Our “Vintage Ads Photoshop Contest” has been nothing short of a visual feast, boasting 40 stunning submissions from 38 exceptionally talented artists. 

This contest was a fun twist on modern and vintage gadgets and the era they were famously launched in. Another digital wizardry for you to delight in. 

Time-Bend Challenge: What Was It All About?

Imagine taking a sleek, modern smartphone and giving it a 50s advertisement twist, or how about revamping a vintage typewriter with a futuristic edge? 

That’s the creative playground we set up! Our contestants were tasked with a thrilling challenge: to showcase modern products in a vintage style or give classic items a modern-day makeover. The catch? They had only 48 hours to do so, making every entry a race against time. And you know what? They did it with flying colors. Take a look at the winning entries:

Winning Entries

Our community of creative designers has done it again. With 48 hours only to submit, they were able to produce pictures that were both fun and insightful. 

TahiaDesign’s Winning Brilliance

Capturing first place was the incredible work of TahiaDesign. Their entry was a remarkable blend of old and new, featuring a modern gadget reimagined in a 1950s ad style. The design boasted rich, sepia tones, classic fonts, and a nostalgic feel, perfectly balancing retro charm with contemporary sleekness.


mcdj18’s Creative Flair

Mcdj18 took us on a journey with their entry, showcasing a 21st-century product, the Ipod, in an art deco style. Their muted colors, old sans serif, and bold lines transported us back to the roaring 90s, yet with a product that screamed 2024.


Memosmos’ Vintage Twist

Landing in third place, Memosmos presented a classic 70s product revamped for today’s world. Their design was a clever juxtaposition of old and new, featuring earthy tones and a groovy design that paid homage to the era while integrating modern elements seamlessly.


Check out the other entries:

Photoshop Design by wwwayno


Photoshop Design by neloman3


Photoshop Design by Toobis


Photoshop Design by GerwinF


Photoshop Design by chris_


Photoshop Design by Terrence


Photoshop Design by fippsbozz


Photoshop Design by ogri2003


Photoshop Design by Floppglopple


Photoshop Design by Floppglopple


Photoshop Design by ModelT


Photoshop Design by duragg


Photoshop Design by beccaraptor


Photoshop Design by chibiweav


Photoshop Design by bruceleroy


Photoshop Design by alberac


Photoshop Design by laprima


Photoshop Design by laprima


Photoshop Design by danfoxh


Photoshop Design by osbornej76


Photoshop Design by MucasPlug


Want to design your own image?

What a ride this “Vintage Ads Photoshop Contest” has been, right? We’ve seen some mind-blowing talent and creativity that just leaves you wanting to jump in and get your hands dirty with some design magic. 

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Bottom line – whether you team up with the pros on DesignCrowd or play around on BrandCrowd, there’s a whole world of design fun waiting for you. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there, get designing, and who knows – maybe we’ll be raving about your work in the next contest!

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Written by DesignCrowd on Thursday, February 1, 2024

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