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DC Contest: Superhero ModRen: Where Superheroes Meet Art

Graphic DesignDC Contest: Superhero ModRen: Where Superheroes Meet Art

Look! Up in the sky!

It’s a bird!

It’s a plane!


… Leonardo Da Vinci? Caravaggio? Wait, what?

Superheroes have been the craze these past few years, especially with the popularity of Marvel and DC films. So we thought, what if our beloved superheroes existed way back in the Renaissance period? How would famous painters depict them?

No need to wonder, as we launched a photoshop community contest to do just that. Designers are tasked to edit superheroes or supervillains into popular Renaissance and Classical paintings. The best edit will win 1st place, plus major bragging rights.

Curious how it all looked? Check out the clever edits below. 

Wonder Woman is done for the day

The winning submission was this edit from FlashDaz. They have depicted Wonder Woman in “The Bather” by William-Adolphe Bouguereau. The seamless editing and detailed shading make this photo look so real as if Bouguereau painted her himself! 


Batman and the Starry Night

Here we have our mysterious Batman in Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night—another great edit, with some nice color matching. 


Superman’s Day-Off

We also want to give a shout-out to this edit by jbuck43701. Really cool concept and execution!


See the other great design entries here

The contest has received 64 Photoshop submissions from 61 creatives. Whether you want a cool, funny, or out-of-the-box edit, you’ll surely find something to your taste here. 

Scroll down to see all the masterpieces!

Photoshop Design by egonlinden


Photoshop Design by AStranger


Photoshop Design by Gramlengo


Photoshop Design by paperclip


Photoshop Design by PrinzLusky


Photoshop Design by Murdled


Photoshop Design by plastilina


Photoshop Design by vintageskin


Photoshop Design by my79spirit


Photoshop Design by jliao1178


Photoshop Design by Simeon


Photoshop Design by wongfe


Photoshop Design by isspecialist


Photoshop Design by LordIcon


Photoshop Design by nickelmedia


Photoshop Design by Imaginakcja


Photoshop Design by modigliani


Photoshop Design by RachwitchD3


Photoshop Design by thredder


Photoshop Design by favogrietje


Photoshop Design by khaliddfy


Did all of that inspire you? If it got you thinking of creating a superhero logo or mascot, then we got you covered. Our logo maker tool can help you out. Simply enter your business name, choose from our logo suggestions, and then customize your chosen template to further fit your liking.

Voila! Your own logo in three simple steps.

Want to create your superhero from scratch? We also have some tips for you. 

First, think about your brand identity. Do you want to be seen as mysterious, fierce, charming, cute, or fun? Next, think of an appropriate power that matches the vibe you want. Ice can be fitting for cool and calm superheroes, while fire is better for those who are adventurous. 

Third is to choose your color palette. As always, choose one that matches your character. Blue or silver for cool, red and orange for fiery personalities, black for villains, and so on.

Last is the font. Bold and blocky fonts will fit comic book styles while thin fonts will suit more minimalist art styles. 

Want More Design Ideas?

Our talented design community has done it again! We hope you enjoy the entries above. If you’re curious about our other contests, check them out here:

What was your favorite entry? Leave a comment below. Till next time!

Written by DesignCrowd on Thursday, November 23, 2023

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