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DC Contest: Steampunk Nature

Graphic DesignDC Contest: Steampunk Nature

Ever heard of steampunk? If you don’t know what that is, it’s a style or genre that originated in science fiction stories. It combines Victorian-era industrialism and science fiction logic which then creates a look that is both futuristic and retro at the same time.

Steampunk focuses on old technology (think of manual typewriters, steam-powered trains, brass gears, and the like) and makes them a bit more fantastical. So when you imagine steampunk, you’ll probably think of flying machines, talking retro robots, etc. 

But what if elements from our natural world suddenly took on a steampunk flair? Bananas, for instance, might shed their skins and acquire intricate wooden peels with fancy clockwork mechanics. You might turn a knob to unpeel the thing… but why would you want to? It’d surely be too beautiful to eat. 

Did that make your creative mind wonder? We were curious as well, so we had our community of talented designers take anything that occurs in nature — animals, plants, fruit, vegetables, insects, etc. — and steampunk it in our photoshop community contest.

We’ve received tons of beautiful edits. Check them out below! 

Majestic Steampunk Horse

The winning submission is this stunning edit from funkwood. It’s a seamless edit of a horse decked out with metallic gear, microphone parts, and steam locomotive. The turquoise lighting also made this pop out even more. How cool would it be to see this horse in our everyday life, right? 


Electrified Fly

A regular fly meets Terminator in this edit from catfish08. This was a very crisp and sharp edit! We would not want to encounter this fly though… it can probably erase us with just one glance!


Elephant Ride

Tired of cars and trains? Let’s ride an elephant instead! This cool edit from ChrisEll did just that. We love the warm tones on this one! 


See the other great design entries here

The contest received 13 Photoshop submissions from 12 creatives. 

You can see grasshoppers, ants, fish, giraffes, and all sorts of animals that are made all futuristic and techy. Scroll down to see them all!



Photoshop Design by foxeye


Photoshop Design by underworth


Photoshop Design by miguelparisi


Photoshop Design by Im_refuelin


Photoshop Design by vilegye


Photoshop Design by miguelparisi


Photoshop Design by eerietate


Photoshop Design by kjeek


Did all of these inspire you? Why not try creating a steampunk-inspired logo or social media post? Our steampunk logo maker, machinery logo maker, and Facebook post maker can help you out. Check out our available templates! 

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Want More Design Ideas?

And that’s it! We hope you enjoyed the amazing entries above. If you’re curious about our other contests, check them out here:

What was your favorite entry? Do you have an animal or fruit that you want to turn steampunk? Leave a comment below. Till next time!

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