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DC Contest: Mealtime Mashup

Graphic DesignDC Contest: Mealtime Mashup

You know those days you just can’t decide what to eat? You want a burger, but you want a donut as well. Hmm…. a burger donut sounds good… 

Wait, what?

We at DesignCrowd have decided to make mealtimes more fun with our Photoshop community contest titled “Mealtime Mashup.” Our talented design community can combine their favorite meals into a mishmash of dishes.

They were challenged to use their editing skills to combine foods (like slicing a kiwi open only to find a tomato inside) or meals that might taste horrible but look hilarious in a picture (like beef jerky as a filling for a chocolate biscuit).

The more creative, the better! Designers can go as obscure as they want. However, execution is important. We want clean and seamless edits, making the meals look authentic. 

The contest has received 30 Photoshop submissions from 27 creatives. Want to see the witty edits? Let’s take a look at them!

Cucumber Kiwi

We want to give a shout-out to this edit from angelcruz1498. It’s a very clean edit of a kiwi inside a cucumber. Sounds refreshing, right? It’s a fruit hybrid that’s perfect for summer.



Next is this edit from Kyeong where the designer created their own Asia’s Tropical Fruit of the Season called Durintestines. Durian + Intestines, that sure sounds like an adventure for the palate! 



Kiwi seems like a crowd favorite for our designers. Here is a take on it by ecc70, where they created a hybrid of a tomato and a kiwi. Seems like an excellent ingredient for a fruit salad! 


Check out the other fabulous design entries here.

We also have many other creative entries, such as the burger donut, an orange-onion, a broccoli ice cream, and so much more.

Scroll down to see the rest of them:

Photoshop Design by justinsanity


Photoshop Design by Insert Display Name

Insert Display Name

Photoshop Design by zac.johnsonf


Photoshop Design by ashoksivak


Photoshop Design by Dantey


Photoshop Design by ecc70


Photoshop Design by Paulie Cashews

Paulie Cashews

Photoshop Design by morgan.kirk


Photoshop Design by Maupadre


Photoshop Design by angel_dos


Photoshop Design by Corey Oesch

Corey Oesch

Photoshop Design by clauder13


Photoshop Design by tanjuakio_r


Photoshop Design by Neohiro


Photoshop Design by mle


Photoshop Design by EmGaudet01


Photoshop Design by clauder13


Photoshop Design by TaZ7305


Photoshop Design by Deepa Prabhu

Deepa Prabhu

Photoshop Design by Kyeong


Photoshop Design by pageji17


Photoshop Design by micahmcquerry


Did that spark your appetite? It sure did for us.

We’ve got you covered if it inspired you to create a food-inspired logo. Check out our fruit logo maker or other tags like juice, vegetable, farm, etc. 

All of these logo templates can be customized as much as you want. You can change the color, background, font, and layout or add and remove elements. Once you’re done customizing, you can download it to use. 

Of course, if you’re satisfied with the initial design, you can use it as is! 

We also have some food-related articles that you may want to view for more design ideas. Check out our 33 Sweet Pineapple Logo Ideas To Funk Up Your Brand or 66 Flavorful Herb Logo Ideas

Want More Design Ideas?

And that’s a wrap for our Mealtime Mashup contest. We hope you had fun browsing the entries above. Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

Want to see more creative contest edits based on food? We have tons of them. Check them out below:

And if you want to learn more about designing, feel free to browse our guides. You can view our articles like 7 Tips to Keep in Mind While Designing a Brand Logo

Till next time! 

Written by DesignCrowd on Tuesday, January 23, 2024

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