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DC Contest: Marvel/Disney Hybrids

Graphic DesignDC Contest: Marvel/Disney Hybrids

It has been nearly 15 years since Disney bought Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion in August 2009. This acquisition has brought a multiverse of Marvel IP to the House of Mouse and led to the production of popular films such as Deadpool, Doctor Strange, and Captain Marvel. 

This move certainly had a lot of impact on the film industry. It also gave us this wild idea: “What if we see a mashup between Marvel and Disney?”

Well, why don’t we see that idea come to life? We have challenged our creative community in this photoshop contest to show us an improbable Marvel-Disney hybrid. 

This can be Mickey Mouse donning the Iron Man armor. Maybe Dr. Strange wooing Jasmine on a flying carpet. Or how about Huey, Dewey, and Louie as X-Men?

We think this concept is fun, and our designers seem to think so too! As such, we received 51 Photoshop submissions from 46 creatives. Let’s see them all below! 

The Disney Fantastic Four

The winning submission is this awesome idea and an even more awesome execution from John McConnell! He even made a synopsis for this movie idea: “While working in the Toontown space station, our heroes experienced a cosmic storm that left the bewildered friends dazed and forever altered. Each takes on powers and abilities far beyond those of normal toons.”

We’ll totally watch this movie! 

John McConnell

The Amazing Spidermouse

We also loved this Mickey Mouse/Spiderman hybrid submitted by John McConnell. “College student Mickey Mouse was on assignment for the school paper at the local genetics lab when a radioactive spider bitted him and became Spidermouse!”

Photoshop Design by John McConnell

John McConnell

Hulk Up

Another excellent entry is this one from worldtraveler666. What if Carl Fredricksen was not a balloon salesman but Hulk instead? That sounds like a fun movie idea! 

Photoshop Design by worldtraveler666


Watch out for Spidermouse

Spiderman and Mickey Mouse seem to be a beloved combination for our designers. Here’s another cool take on it by ChrisEll.


See the other great design entries here

We would like to thank our designers for the tons of fun and out-of-the-box entries. Some opted for a seamless and realistic integration of their edits. At the same time, others went for a comedic and witty approach (shout out to the Monster Inc./Wolverine hybrid edit!).

Scroll down to see more:

Photoshop Design by Zakfuego


Photoshop Design by Justincorkum7


Photoshop Design by bitchslap


Photoshop Design by ThomasBerg


Photoshop Design by viniod


Photoshop Design by yotambonehbait


Photoshop Design by Marcovanbijsteren


Photoshop Design by viniod


Photoshop Design by Edshox84


Photoshop Design by Monkeysniffer08


Photoshop Design by castiza


Photoshop Design by douglaseralldo


Photoshop Design by asod827


Photoshop Design by Worth1000 User

Worth1000 User

Photoshop Design by mateusarc


Photoshop Design by Petrosini


Photoshop Design by csr1977


If that inspired you to create your own movie-inspired design, why not try our animation maker or video maker? It has a wide range of templates you can customize so that you won’t have to start your design from scratch, making your editing a lot easier.

We also have a movie logo maker if you want to design a logo. You can also take a look at our articles such as 40 Famous Comic Logos That Will Inspire You and 40 Famous Film Company Logos to get your creative juices flowing. 

Want More Design Ideas?

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What was your favorite entry? Do you have a Marvel/Disney hybrid idea that you want to see? Leave a comment below. Till next time!

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