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DC Contest: Feeding Time

Graphic DesignDC Contest: Feeding Time

We’re on to another round of contests from DesignCrowd. This time, we implore the idea of body sizes. Hollywood has been under fire because of its portrayal of thinness as the beauty standard. Fatness is seen as complementary to the thin, gorgeous main character. In real life, that is not true, we have big girls and guys who are winning in life and are ultimately prized by some as their idols. 

This is just a fun way to go over it, but how about we rethink some of Hollywood’s biggest stars and their body type? This time, we could see them as normal plus-size individuals. These are what we have come up with so far. 

What is the Contest About?

“Feeding Time 5” was not just another Photoshop contest; it was a thematic adventure. The challenge was to photoshop famous personalities, making them appear several sizes larger than their actual size. 

This theme was a humorous nod to Hollywood’s glitz and glamour, with a twist of satire. The contest saw an impressive turnout with 59 submissions from 49 creatives, each bringing their unique flair and perspective. 

The rules were straightforward yet challenging: participants were to focus on modifying existing photos of celebrities rather than resorting to simple cut-and-paste techniques. This rule ensured the contest remained a true showcase of skill and creativity.

Winning Entries

Various imaginative entries marked the contest, but the spotlight was on Sudiptatatha, whose submission clinched the first prize. This winning entry exemplified the perfect blend of technical skill and creative vision, setting a high standard for the contest. The artist in question is Christina Aguillera. Although the whole body is not shown, the face says a lot. That’s why it’s a subtle but impactful entry to the challenge. 

Other notable entries included hansoloqt, Talas43, and JoyProject, each demonstrating a unique approach to the contest’s theme. These entries highlighted the participants’ proficiency in Photoshop and ability to inject humor and creativity into their work.


Photoshop Design by hansoloqt


Photoshop Design by Talas43


Here are the other entries:

Photoshop Design by JoyProject


Photoshop Design by SteelMonkey


Photoshop Design by micklemouse


Photoshop Design by Márcio Franco

Marcio Franco

Photoshop Design by Rich


Photoshop Design by BereniceLooM


Photoshop Design by firesketch


Photoshop Design by sudiptatatha


Photoshop Design by sudiptatatha


Photoshop Design by hopstepjump


Photoshop Design by Theevild

Photoshop Design by Rlovring


Photoshop Design by PeterAAAWelch


Photoshop Design by schmiczy


Photoshop Design by devilmonkey1192


Photoshop Design by evyken


Photoshop Design by phillpsp


Photoshop Design by DeadFish


Photoshop Design by dead9frog


Photoshop Design by PogelPig



The contest showcased the endless possibilities of Photoshop, serving as an inspiration for both seasoned designers and novices alike. 

For those seeking creative solutions or looking to unleash their artistic potential, DesignCrowd emerges as the go-to platform, offering a space where creativity knows no bounds. 

As the digital art landscape continues to evolve, DesignCrowd and contests like “Feeding Time 5” play a pivotal role in shaping the future of digital creativity.

Feel free to use BrandCrowd’s host of creative materials, from flyers to menus, from IG stories to Facebook banners.

Written by DesignCrowd on Wednesday, January 31, 2024

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