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DC Contest: Dreamy Animal Renaissance

Graphic DesignDC Contest: Dreamy Animal Renaissance

Mona Lisa, Primavera, Sistine Madonna, The School of Athens… All these famous Renaissance paintings have been a source of inspiration for artists and designers worldwide. As such, it’s also the main inspiration for our community contest titled “Animal Renaissance 10”!

In case you missed it, here’s what went down. We challenged our talented group of designers to place animals in different classic artworks (or statues) creatively and interestingly. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a portrait of that animal; they can be integrated anywhere inside the artwork. 

Remember that they can’t be just a static added element. This means they can’t just be copied and pasted into the artwork. They need to be integrated seamlessly into the overall look. 

Sounds fun? Our designers thought so, too, as there were a lot of entries. Let’s take a look!

Portrait of Madame Swan

The winning submission is this beautiful edit from DutchPuh. The editing was done so cleanly and seamlessly we wouldn’t have guessed this was an edit! We can almost imagine our rich and graceful swan commissioning a portrait during the Renaissance era.


Camel with a Pearl Earring

We also love this reimagining of the famous painting of Johannes Vermeer. The color matching and shading are excellent!


Girl with her pet Chimp

We also want to highlight this cute entry by a Worth1000 user. The chimp was integrated into the photo so well! 


Worth1000 User

Check out the other great design entries here.

The contest has received 50 submissions from 39 creatives. We love that the entries are full of variety! Whether you are looking for something dreamy, soft, or humorous, you can find a design that fits your style here. 

Scroll down to see them all:

Photoshop Design by Sankrah


Photoshop Design by sugarcane


Photoshop Design by Justincorkum7


Photoshop Design by Mandrak


Photoshop Design by Stoil Vatev

Stoil Vatev

Photoshop Design by Milan90


Photoshop Design by aards2


Photoshop Design by auert03


Photoshop Design by Winston1982


Photoshop Design by Mandrak


Photoshop Design by Sankrah


Photoshop Design by Fishwife


Photoshop Design by ssl4you


Photoshop Design by lucimine


Photoshop Design by Stoil Vatev

Stoil Vatev

Photoshop Design by PernesePhoenix


Photoshop Design by Petrosini


Photoshop Design by PernesePhoenix


Photoshop Design by edbargut


Photoshop Design by csr1977


Photoshop Design by TheOperaGhost


Whew! Those were all great! 

Did that inspire you to create a Renaissance-inspired design? You can check out our renaissance logo maker or other art-related logo makers. Browse the tags to see all the logo templates you can customize and use!

Need more tips for a Renaissance-inspired design? We got you. First, add some structural or architectural elements like pilasters, pediments, or columns to your design. Second, make use of perspective and add depth. You’ll also want to focus on lights, shadows, and textures, as they are a key element in Renaissance art.

Your typography will matter as well. Use serif fonts as they are popularly associated with a traditional vibe. Avoid cutesy fonts or exaggerated and blocky fonts as this will clash with the old-school artistic feel that you want to portray. 

We also have some related articles that you can view as well. Check out our 50 Ornament Logos To Elevate Your Brand or 47 Museum Logos That Exhibits Artistry. It’s full of elegant and sophisticated logo designs that can easily fit in the Renaissance period. 

Want More Design Ideas?

Our design community has always been full of talents and creative ideas. If you need their expertise to help you create a logo or marketing materials, feel free to hire a designer here at DesignCrowd. 

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We hope you had fun browsing the entries above. Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. Till next time! 

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