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DC Contest: Creative Archaeological Anomalies: When History Meets Imagination

Graphic DesignDC Contest: Creative Archaeological Anomalies: When History Meets Imagination

Do you want to play the idea of ancient artifacts? The ‘Archaeological Anomalies 13′ Photoshop contest, hosted by DesignCrowd, invited creative minds to make fun of these serious images. 

This unique challenge encouraged designers to reimagine history by crafting their own archaeological discoveries, artfully merging the realms of the factual and the fantastical. 

Participants were given the freedom to bend historical narratives, creating hoaxes that were as intriguing as they were imaginative. 

What’s the challenge?

Designers became digital archaeologists for a day, crafting images that could make viewers question history. 

The challenge was to create an archaeological discovery that was as outlandish as it was believable, without altering the essence of archaeology.

The Winning Submissions:

We received numerous clever and witty edits. Check out the top submissions that reimagined history in the most creative ways:

  1. Past Giants


The first image shows a large, yellow excavator in a muddy excavation site, where workers have seemingly unearthed an enormous human-like skull and partial skeletal remains. The skull’s size is many times larger than the workers, indicating a being of gigantic proportions. 

The image has been manipulated to present a scenario of discovering remains of mythic size, far beyond any known human or animal.

Dragon Discovery

The second image presents a dramatic scene inside a spacious cave where a group of tourists or researchers are observing an enormous skeleton displayed as if it was a museum exhibit. 

The skeleton resembles a mythical creature, with a large horned skull and a massive ribcage. The size comparison with the people gives an impression of a beast from a bygone era, reminiscent of prehistoric creatures or dragons from fantasy lore.

Photoshop Design by KingDiamond


Humanoid Under

The third image depicts an archaeological dig where a humanoid skeleton has been found in the ground. It includes a variety of artifacts buried with the remains, such as pottery and tools. 

The skeleton has an unusually shaped skull, possibly intended to suggest an alien or another non-human being. This is another example of a photo manipulation to simulate an extraordinary archaeological discovery.

Photoshop Design by daniloco


See the Other Great Design Entries Here:

From futuristic gadgets found in Egyptian pyramids to legendary creatures in medieval manuscripts, our designers showcased their creativity. Scroll down to see all the entries!

Photoshop Design by the1calledDANO


Photoshop Design by jeek0


Photoshop Design by bottomsup


Photoshop Design by corwin1


Photoshop Design by ghimm


Photoshop Design by TexasPhotoShop


Photoshop Design by koozy14


The Contest’s Impact:

This contest was a testament to the power of imagination and creativity in art. It showed how adding a touch of wit can transform historical narratives into something extraordinary, thought-provoking, and fun. This also inspired some other designs such as antique logos which can also be found on BrandCrowd. 

Inspired to Create Your Own Historical Hoax?

Why not try your hand at creating your own archaeological anomalies for your next social media post? Our Facebook post maker and TikTok video maker are perfect tools to help you get started. Explore our variety of templates for inspiration!

Design Your Archaeological-Inspired Logo:

If you’re looking to create a logo with a historical twist, our archeology logo maker tool is here to help. Browse our collection of history-themed logos, and choose one that resonates with your vision. Customize it easily with our user-friendly tool.

Want More Design Ideas?

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