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Dataiku helping companies prepare for EU AI Act with new readiness program

Software DevelopmentDataiku helping companies prepare for EU AI Act with new readiness program

The AI platform Dataiku is making it easier for customers to ensure they are complying with the EU AI Act, which is a regulatory framework for AI passed late last year, which companies will have 12 to 36 months to comply with. The new law classifies different AI use cases based on potential risk to determine how heavy regulation needs to be. 

Dataiku’s EU AI Act Readiness program will triage AI use cases based on their risk, aligning with the risk levels set by the EU AI Act. It provides advice on governance and compliance, as well as offers customizable governance to ensure that things can change as the regulations evolve. 

Customers can create approval workflows that must be signed by key stakeholders at each stage of the build process, which facilitates greater accountability and better prepares companies for potential audits. 

According to Dataiku, a program like this was necessary because companies will need to not only comply with the EU AI Act, but any forthcoming AI regulations as well. The fines for not complying with the EU’s rules are up to the higher of €35 million or 7% of their worldwide turnover the previous financial year. 

“The EU AI Act is one of the first, but it certainly won’t be the last regulation that organizations leveraging AI need to follow,” said Sophie Dionnet, global VP of product and business solutions at Dataiku.  “Dataiku empowers top-tier AI Governance practices that go beyond compliance, setting the foundation for responsible and sustainable AI innovation. Built on the native Governance and Responsible AI capabilities of the Dataiku platform, our EU AI Act Readiness Program enables any organization to safely operationalize AI, providing a short-term solution for compliance readiness but a long-term vision for future-proofing their AI strategies. With Dataiku, data leaders can get ready now and prepared for what’s to come.”

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