Thursday, June 20, 2024

CData Sync Cloud brings CData’s ETL/ELT tool to the cloud

Software DevelopmentCData Sync Cloud brings CData’s ETL/ELT tool to the cloud

The data connectivity company CData has announced the release of CData Sync Cloud, a cloud-based ETL/ELT tool that brings the functionality of CData Sync to the cloud.

The platform allows customers to replicate data from on-premises to on-premises, cloud to cloud, on-premises to cloud, and cloud to on-premises. 

CData Sync Cloud provides integrations with over 300 data drivers, ranging from popular platforms like to smaller, more niche offerings that may be useful as well. Dynamics 365, NetSuite, Salesforce, ServiceNow, SharePoint, and Workday are some of the connections offered by CData.

Users are charged based on the number of data connections they use. This differs from the pricing model for other cloud ETL providers, which is usually volume-based, making it difficult to predict future costs. In those models, costs typically rise as data is replicated, CData explained.

“We are excited to bring our enterprise-grade ETL/ELT product, used by over 500 customers, to the cloud,” said Manish Patel, chief product officer of CData. “Because CData’s core focus is data connectivity, we are uniquely positioned to provide unmatched depth, breadth, and quality of connection with a supporting business model designed to scale with our customers’ usage – instead of punish them for it.”

Anthony Neu, senior manager of data analytics at Manhattan Associates, a customer of CData said: “Before migrating to CData Sync, I was burning through credits for data that I didn’t want or need. I got stressed with the volume pricing around what the units are and when are they used. It was very easy to make a mistake and, in turn, receive a large bill. We have something now that is very cost effective with CData.”


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