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Believe It Or Not – The Daily WTF

Programming LanguageBelieve It Or Not - The Daily WTF

This week we have a special visit from a mythical beast: the snarklemma. But first, a non-error Error’d.

Obsessive Optimizer
Ian K.

“Walmart’s nationwide network of warehouse stores means
they can save time and money by shipping locally. FedEx
has them covered: Their nationwide shipping fleet determined
the shortest path from Houston to its largest suburb goes via Georgia.”
Not the shortest path, nor the fastest, but surely the cheapest one that meets the delivery date requirement.
It’s probably not an error, and I believe it, but I still can’t believe it!


Possibly our most faithful contributor,
Michael R.

is also a Voyager fan. He shared this snapshot with us, commanding “Adjust our delefctor!”
I think that’s probably just the way they spefl thingf int he 24f sentry.



An anonymous poster shared this image with us, remarking:
“I’m not sure…”



A second anonymous poster was caught on the horns of a snarklemma. Please help them out by voting in the comments. Would you prefer snark A:
“Disney is acquiring so many things nowadays. I didn’t know it was also acquiring Android notifications.”
Or would you prefer snark B:
“I only have one TV and only one Disney+ account playing
only one animated series. And yet, Google Play Services
generated several notifications. Thats not Disney+, that’s Disney+++++”.



Miquel B.
eschews Netflix in favor of the edgier material available elsewhere.
“Someone posted Lorem Ipsum for their review of the series.”
I couldn’t bear to watch it; I have test anxiety.



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