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Article tF7q2 – The Daily WTF

Programming LanguageArticle tF7q2 - The Daily WTF

When I first saw Nick L‘s submission, I thought to myself, “This is just decompiled code, so of course the names are bad.”

 Public Function tF7q2() As String
     Dim SelectedtF7q2 As String = Request.QueryString("tF7q2")
     tF7q2 = SelectedtF7q2
 End Function

I mean, a name like tF7q2 can’t be human generated, right? But then, the query string also contains tF7q2. And honestly, I think most reverse engineering tools would give you a more useful name than this.

I’ll let Nick explain a bit more:

This is a snippet from a legacy application that is currently gobbling up all available disk space on a server. No, the developer who made it is no longer at the company. Yes, everyone wants this application dead. Don’t worry, this function is referenced 5 times with no explanation to what tF7q2 means.

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