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Announcing for China  |  Blog

Web DevelopmentAnnouncing for China  |  Blog

We’re excited to announce that is now available on a .cn domain, making our content more easily accessible for developers in China. All content is mirrored and available in all supported languages on the .cn domains.

Find for China at

After spending time with developers at our 2023 I/O Connect event in Shanghai, we discovered more about the needs of web teams in China. We really hope that making our content easier to access is a good first step in better supporting you, and we are looking forward to developing this further.

Some key things to discover on this site are our courses on key web development topics such as HTML, CSS, and Performance. Learn about how Baseline is bringing clarity to browser support. Explore curated collections of content on subjects such as accessibility, Core Web Vitals, and Identity.

Also, check out Chrome for Developers, also launching today at

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