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A Fusion of Fantasy and Nature

Graphic DesignA Fusion of Fantasy and Nature

Fun is synonymous with being creative. A hybrid animal challenge is a perfect avenue for creatives to display their sense of humor as well as their artistic prowess. 

Hosted by DesignCrowd, this unique contest invites artists and dreamers to explore the depths of their creativity by combining any two non-human creatures to create a fantastical offspring. It celebrates imagination and humor — pushing creativity for laughs and enjoyment. 

The Contest: A Creative Odyssey

The premise of the Animal Crossbreed Challenge is as intriguing as it is challenging. Participants are tasked with creating a hypothetical offspring from any two non-human creatures. 

This contest is not just about skillful artistry; it’s about letting the imagination run wild. From blending a lion and a butterfly to merging a shark and an owl, the possibilities are endless and limited only by the artist’s imagination.

Highlighted Entries

The contest has seen a plethora of submissions, each more imaginative than the last. Artists have delved deep into their creative reservoirs, producing works that are not only visually stunning but also thought-provoking. 

The entries showcase a diverse range of artistic styles and interpretations, reflecting each artist’s unique vision. The quality of work is a testament to the talent and creativity of the participants, making the contest a vibrant and inspiring event.


  • Cobra with Bird Features: This image could have been seen as the offspring of a cobra and a bird of prey, like an eagle, which would account for the avian facial features on the snake. It would have stood out for its originality and meticulous execution.

Photoshop Design by NidVaeda


  • Wolf-Gorilla Hybrid with Baby Gorilla: This submission perfectly captured the essence of the contest’s objective, displaying a direct crossbreed between a wolf and a gorilla. The added narrative element, where the hybrid cares for a baby gorilla, would have contributed an extra layer to the entry, making it both a visual and a storytelling piece.

Photoshop Design by elizabethh


  • Frog with Pig Features (Fropig): The frog sporting pig-like facial traits would have closely matched the winning entry’s description, presenting a whimsical “Fropig.” This contribution would have been a strong contender in the contest, with its inventive concept and detailed craftsmanship.

Check out the other entries below:

Photoshop Design by MK3637


Photoshop Design by kehlers


Photoshop Design by myk2112


Photoshop Design by emiliano


Photoshop Design by breimer


Photoshop Design by dellville


Photoshop Design by luckychingi


Photoshop Design by evsynator


Photoshop Design by diegogualda


Photoshop Design by Stormdancer


Photoshop Design by KRZZTOF


Photoshop Design by bartlevy


Photoshop Design by Jonni


Photoshop Design by Jixie


Photoshop Design by hlawton


Photoshop Design by dmzone


Photoshop Design by mehere


Photoshop Design by flondo


Photoshop Design by godzillatemple


Photoshop Design by Kute2000


Design your own image

The Ultimate Creature Design Challenge stands as a shining example of the power of imagination in the digital art world. It challenges artists to break free from conventional norms and explore the extraordinary. 

As we look at the incredible creations born from this contest, we are reminded of the limitless potential of the creative mind. This contest is not just about creating art; it’s about redefining the boundaries of creativity and celebrating the endless possibilities that arise when nature and fantasy collide.

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Written by DesignCrowd on Thursday, November 23, 2023

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