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95 Harvest Logo Design Collection

Graphic Design95 Harvest Logo Design Collection

As a business owner, using a harvest logo is an excellent source of inspiration and creativity to cultivate a distinctive brand image. 

Whether you’re in the agricultural industry, a farmer’s market, or simply want to convey a sense of abundance, our collection of harvest logos captures the essence of the harvest season. Use our logo maker or explore designs that showcase the richness of nature and offer your brand a unique visual identity. 

Are you ready to design your logo and sow the seeds of your brand’s success? Let’s get started!

When To Use Harvest Logos?

Harvest or crop logos are ideal for businesses that want to convey a connection to agriculture, nature, and growth. They are particularly effective in industries related to farming, food production, and sustainable practices.

But out of all the logo designs you could use, when is the best time to use harvest logos? Here’s what we think:

  1. Agricultural Businesses

If your business is in the agricultural field, there’s no doubt that anything harvest-related, such as a farm logo, would be your best bet. 

Harvest logos perfectly fit agricultural businesses, including farms, orchards, and vineyards. They symbolize the bounty of the harvest season and emphasize a commitment to natural, wholesome products.

  1. Farm-to-table Restaurants

Restaurants that focus on serving fresh, locally sourced ingredients can benefit from harvest logos. Such logos convey a commitment to quality, sustainability, and the farm-to-table concept – so this design could be a fantastic restaurant logo idea. 

  1. Organic Food Brands

For businesses specializing in organic and natural food products, a harvest logo reinforces the brand’s dedication to purity and environmentally friendly practices, appealing to health-conscious consumers. Organic food logos can be an excellent way to attract people and cultivate your brand identity.

  1. Gardening and Landscaping

Companies offering gardening, landscaping, or lawn care services can use harvest logos to symbolize growth, transformation, and the beauty of nature. This is especially effective for businesses with an eco-friendly focus.

  1. Community Farmers Markets

Farmers market logos are excellent for community farmers’ markets, representing a gathering of local growers and artisans. The logo can evoke a sense of community, freshness, and abundant locally sourced goods. 

Harvest Logo Design Ideas

Crafting a compelling harvest logo involves considering various elements, including fruits, vegetables, farms, and the symbolism of a bountiful harvest. Here are some design ideas to inspire your logo creation.

We’ve divided them into three major categories. Check them out below:

Fruits and Vegetables Logos

Incorporate vibrant and realistic illustrations of fruits and vegetables into your logo design. Consider arranging them in a visually appealing manner, such as a cornucopia or a circle logos of assorted produce. This approach emphasizes the freshness and variety of your offerings, making it perfect for farmers’ markets, grocery stores, and organic food brands.

Check out the fruits and vegetables logos below:

Blueberry Vintage Hand-Drawn Logo Design by Mustain Billah

S.E. Daugherty & Sons by Joseph Ernst

Medina Mushrooms by Kate Libby

Corn ?? by Anastasia Kurilenko

Modern, Olive Logo Design by wonderland

Fall Agriculture Logo Design by YAZIKO

Playful, Fresh Farming Logo Design by Paperfox Designs

Elegant, Garlic Business Logo Design by 91.kremena.petrova,

Upmarket, Farm Logo Design by Ankit Bhattarai

May Logo Design by trufya

Mango Fruit Juice by marcololstudio

Healthy Fruit Box by marcololstudio

Orange Fruit Harvest by J-lao

Beet Vegetable Farm by Brandcrowd

Pomegranate Fruit Farm Harvest by marcololstudio

Farm Logos

Capture the essence of the agricultural landscape by incorporating farm-related elements into your logo. Utilize classic farm imagery like barns, silos, or tractors, combined with images of crops ready for harvest. 

Browse through our farming logos here:

Calleah Farm Logo by Cory Cooper

Branding For Sustainable Farm by Yavor Lazarov

Organo Farming by Zeljko Ivanovic

Vintage logo concept design for Johnson Farm by Ardian

Sunflower Logo Design by Graphic Bricks

Bold, Corn Farming Logo Design by 91.kremena.petrova

Bold, Corn Farming Logo Design by goranvisnjic82

Farm Logo Design by simple mind

Modern, Fresh farming Logo Design by design.picnic

Agriculture Farm Field by shen02

Rural Farm Barn Windmill by Dessy

Wheat Crop Farming by Mypen

Rustic Pig Farm by Dessy

Wheat Farming Tractor by BryAd

Farm Harvest Field by shen02

Harvest Basket Logos

Illustrate a well-crafted woven basket filled with various fruits, vegetables, or grains. This classic image signifies abundance and prosperity and adds a touch of rustic charm. 

Ideal for businesses focused on local produce, farmers’ markets, or artisanal food products, this logo style evokes a sense of wholesome goodness. 

Choose from one of our fresh harvest basket logo collections below: 

Grocery Logo.. by Design Process

Fruit Basket by Predrag Kovacev

Basket Bounty Vintage Logo Design by Mustain Billah

Ruthie’s Harvest by Amit Botre – Spin Design

Cornucopia by Donna DeSousa

Fresh Logo Design by Dot Design 3

Sunflower Logo Design by Graphicsbox

Elegant, Fresh Beauty Logo Design by sankar999

Elegant, Fruit Business Logo Design by Veronika K

Vegetarian Food Basket by BryAd

Fruit Vegetable Basket Grocery by town

Rustic Bread Basket by yhinna

Vegetable Grocery Basket by Mypen

Wheat Basket Harvest by town

Fresh Harvest Basket by AleksandrO

Design Your Harvest Logo Today!

Creating a compelling harvest logo is crucial for businesses in agriculture, food production, and related industries. A well-designed logo visually represents the essence of the harvest and communicates authenticity, quality, and a connection to nature. 

If you’re ready to bring your harvest logo to life, consider exploring design options with BrandCrowd. From fruit and vegetable logos to farm-themed designs and harvest basket concepts, we offer various customizable templates – from logo design to advertising templates, including Facebook ads, Twitter posts, invitations, and much more!

Take the next step in cultivating your brand image and make a lasting impression with a captivating harvest logo from BrandCrowd today!

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