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70 Tree Logo Ideas

Graphic Design70 Tree Logo Ideas

Ready to tell your market that you’ve got the strength to serve them? Use a tree logo to depict exactly that.

They’re an excellent design for strength, stability, and grounding, especially in our ever-changing world. Aside from that, they have roots in eco-friendliness, literally.

Join us as we look at our curated list of tree logos from our logo maker and more below.

Why Should I Use a Tree Logo?

A tree logo is the best choice if you’re a business that prides itself on having firm beliefs and roots deep in its history.

The lush leaves and strong bark of the tree help tell your market that you aren’t easily swayed. You will serve them to the best of your ability.

Tree logos also exude reliability. Tell your market that you’ll be there for them when they need you and if they want something.

Pair your tree logo with exciting color palettes and font styles. Your color scheme can be based on color psychology or the principles of the color wheel.

You can even use seasonal or trendy colors like fall and muted palettes to help you stand out. For your font, you can pick between serifs and sans serifs to help establish the vibe you want for your business.

Don’t forget the visual hierarchy of your logo design to ensure that your brand identity stays consistent even if you choose a tree logo as the central theme of your design.

70 Tree Logos to Show Stability

Design a tree logo if you want strength, stability, and consistency. And aid in your decision; we listed four major categories that make trees stand out.

Animal Logos

What are the first things you see around trees? The animals that inhabit it. Animal logos are the first on the list for this very reason. They give the forests meaning and life and are great designs to attach your business’s values and characters. After all, they have various meanings when representing your brand. From the playful bunny to the courageous tiger, the designs here are great as mascot logos to make your business stand out.

Check out our top picks for animal logo designs below.

Bear And Tree Logo by Lucian Radu

Grizzly by Ethan Fender

Deer Tree Design Combination by Garagephic Studio

Rhino Tree logo concept , animal logo. by salman ahmed

Tree of Life by Adam Johnson

Yosemite National Park by Damian Orellana

Masculine, Python Logo Design by Logo no 1

Masculine, Python Logo Design by Anhlee

Cow Logo Design by ecorokerz

Modern, Dairy Farming Logo Design by anekaa

Stream Logo Design by brand maker

Serious, Wild Logo Design by Logo no 1

Bold, Farm Pets and Farming Logo Design by geni

Tree Logo Design by DesignLima

Christmas Reindeer Tree by SimplePixelSL

Bird Christmas Tree by AleksandrO

Lion Pine Tree by MDS

Bear Christmas Tree by marcololstudio

Forest Fox Trees by FishDesigns61025

Green Logos

Next, we have the lush color that gives trees life: green. In color psychology, green represents growth and strong attachments to nature.

If you want your business to thrive as an eco-friendly brand, a green logo with tree-like features is excellent since you show you’re company is rooted in saving the planet.

Customers worldwide love that since around 64% say they boycott or support a business for being vocal about social issues. Find the perfect green logo for your brand below.

AlohaCamp – Logotype by alex aleksandrov

Alvin’s RV & Camping by Jay Master

Tree | Logo Design by simc

Cloud + Tree by Burak Bal

Forest Walk by Catur Argi

Cool Store Logo Design by Andrew

Green Business Logo Design by Monimonzy

Professional, Apple Information Technology Logo Design by ecorokerz

Green Logo Design by ecorokerz

Company Logo Design by ThiagoB

Modern, Creative Real Estate Development Logo Design by Neil

Sunny Logo Design by Artswolf

Green Logo Design by shasadara

Green Tree People by jaysonqbob

Green Tree Hills by MRM1

Green Forest Tree by shen02

Green Pine Tree by shen02

Blue Green Tree by Zdesign

Minimalist Logos

Next, we have the king of less is more design, minimalism. These three logos may rely on a unique color combination like gradients or shapes.

Outlines, line art, etc., are well-known designs under this category since they allow your market to focus on aspects of your business. Visual hierarchy comes into play here, and you can even pair your campaign with a minimalist emotional design to help engage your viewers on a deeper level.

Grab your minimalist logo below.

Tree line by Stevan Rodi

TreeCard Illustration by Victor Korchu


Tree Logomark by Dimitrije Mikovic

Roundtree by Stevan Rodic

Autumn Tree by Omnium

Serious, Tree Apartment Logo Design by Hakim Febrian

Firm Financial Logo Design by Catalogo

Bold, Little Tech Logo Design by christianpoetoe

Serious, Elegant Apartment Logo Design by JoseDesign

Professional, Firm Recruitment Logo Design by Birdcage

Green Logo Design by *mary

Pine Tree Star by AlvinA

Brown Tree Circle by chietra

Green Christmas Tree by marcololstudio

Minimalist Yellow Palm Tree by SimplePixelSL

Minimalist Pine Tree by FishDesigns61025

Seasonal Logos

Lastly, you can use a tree logo to depict our various seasons in a year. Tree logos are an exceptional choice here since you allow your brand to have a dynamic design.

A tree’s life cycle physically shows spring, summer, fall, and winter, so why not utilize them to your advantage? You can also base it on special dates like Easter, Halloween, or Christmas to help you grab the attention of your market.

You celebrate while they celebrate too. What great way to show such a sentiment than with your logo design? An example could be Google, for this instance.

If you notice, their search-engine logo changes with the times depending on celebrated holidays or themes of the month, like June’s Pride month.

Hook the attention of your market with your season-inspired logo design below.

Geometric Palm Trees Logo by Lucian Radu

Fall Icon by Evoria

shirt design for 5k pumpkin theme run by Marisa Schoen

Jack O’Lantern by Paul O’Connor

summer vibes badge vintage by shufflesinc studio

Beach Womens Clothing Logo Design by Queen®

Playful, Elf Logo Design by MenaGraphics

Personable, Summer Logo Design by step forward 2

Elegant, Large Logo Design by Logo no 1

Elegant, Pumpkin Logo Design by eagle

Christmas Logo Design by ArtTank

Autumn Forest Tree by yulianrhmn

Fall Season Tree Abstract by Dessy

Christmas Holiday Tree by marcololstudio

Christmas Tree Banner by Mypen

Christmas Tree Snow Globe by marcololstudio

Customize a Tree Logo Today!

There you have it, our compilation of tree logos you can use for your company’s brand kit. Don’t forget to add it to your email signature, invoices, Facebook advertisements, and more to stay consistent.

Brand stronger with a tree logo today.

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