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7 Marketing Trends That Would Dominate 2024

Graphic Design7 Marketing Trends That Would Dominate 2024

It’s a new year, and the marketing world continues to evolve. New tools, new technologies, and new trends will rise, and it’s up to businesses and brands to adapt, or else they’ll be left behind.

We’ve listed the top marketing trends and strategies in 2024 to prepare you for this year. Whether you’re looking to incorporate more AI tools in your arsenal (our AI logo generator might be a great addition) or looking to boost your social media presence, our guide can surely help you. 

Let’s get started!

Marketing Trends To Watch This 2024

New technologies plus global changes can rapidly shift a customer’s taste. What worked last year might not this year. That’s why it’s crucial to stay updated with the latest trends to remain connected with your audience. 

Here are the top marketing trends you should follow in 2024: 

AI Tools

Who hasn’t heard of AI? If you had been anywhere on the internet last year, you would have surely seen the buzz around it. 

From ChatGPT to Remini, various AI tools have been increasingly popular due to the convenience it brings. That’s why we expect to see more AI tools to be incorporated into businesses and brand’s marketing strategies.

These can be photo editing tools such as Luminar Neo and Lensa, AI generative tools like Descript and Midjourney, AI voice generator tools like LOVO, or AI content writing tools like Jasper and Writesonic. You can even create tons of logo designs with just a click of a finger, with the help of’s AI logo generator. 

Another example is the increased usage of AI-powered chatbots. With the rise of technology, customers now expect a quick response to their messages or concerns. AI chatbots
can help as they provide 24/7 customer service without needing additional manpower. These chatbots can also provide personalized suggestions to customers based on algorithms and data, which drive more sales and conversions. 


Speaking of personalization, we have seen a huge demand for it in the past years. With customer data and buying behavior so easily tracked by businesses, customers now expect to see content that is specifically tailored to their interests and needs. 

What makes hyper-personalization different from regular personalization? Hyper-personalization goes beyond just knowing your customer’s age, gender, or location. It dives deeper into your behavior such as:

  • Browsing activity
  • Active times
  • Purchasing behavior (ex. whether you place items on a cart for a long time vs you buying the item immediately)
  • Affinity (ex. whether you click for free samples, 10% off vouchers, or buy 1 get 1 offer)
  • What notifications you prefer (ex. whether you click on abandoned cart messages or from time-limited offers)

Businesses will then make use of the above data to provide a tailored experience for their customers. This can be through a personalized e-commerce homepage, where every product on the homepage is something related to your interest or something similar to your cart. This can also be seen in predictive searches, where different sites will automatically provide relevant search suggestions for you. You can see this on e-commerce sites, published ebooks, or on YouTube. 

Another example is Spotify Wrapped. Yes, those music statistics that we love seeing online are indeed a part of hyper-personalization! 

You can also see hyper-personalization in ads. That’s why after searching for gym clothes, you’ll instantly see more YouTube or Facebook ads for that same brand.

Video Content

Video remains to be the king of content in 2024. Short-form videos in particular will still be the main content type that you should focus on this year. This is due to the lasting popularity of Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok. 

In fact, TikTok is predicted to surpass Facebook as the most popular social media platform this 2024. If you haven’t jumped on the TikTok bandwagon yet, it’s time to do so. This is more crucial if you are creating content for Gen Z as they are the main users of the app. 

Planning to add more videos to your marketing? According to studies, 58% of consumers prefer to watch videos on their smartphones. Make sure your videos and websites are mobile-friendly

People also look for an engaging storyline and authentic messages on branded videos. Make sure you focus on that instead of just blindly promoting your products. 

Social Commerce

Social commerce is the seamless integration of e-commerce shopping inside different social media apps. 

Brands and businesses now have the option to directly advertise and sell their products on these social media apps. You can see this in Instagram checkout, TikTok Shop, Facebook Marketplace, and Pinterest Buying Pin. 

You can also see this in the rise of live-streaming on these apps, as customers can watch businesses showcase their products via live-stream and then purchase them afterward. 

It is expected that there will be a total of 8.4 billion voice assistants to be used this 2024 compared to just 4.2 billion last 2023. More than 50% of adults said that they use voice search daily, while 58% of consumers use voice search to find a local business. 

As you can see from the numbers above, voice search is increasingly getting more popular. It’s now imperative that you optimize your websites for the feature. How do you do this? Here are some tips:

  • Create high-quality content that answers popular and frequently asked questions
  • Integrate more long-tail keywords
  • Write in a conversational way, as people tend to ask questions when voice searching (ex. “Where can I find a great coffee shop with WI-FI and outlets to co-work near me?” vs. just typing “coffee shop in LA”)
  • Focus on writing local content and prioritize local SEO
  • Establish clear website architecture, article categories, and tags so that search engines can interpret the semantics and context correctly.

Zero-Click Search

Speaking of SEO, another aspect of it that is recently gaining traction is “zero-click search”. 

Don’t know what that is? Try searching for anything on Google. Notice that sometimes, the answer can already be seen in the results without having to go into a site? That’s zero-click search. It is usually available on browsers other than Google as well.

Do you need to prioritize getting your content on this spot? It depends on your goals. If you want to drive more traffic to your website, then zero-click won’t do you good. But if you want to boost your brand’s visibility and build a reputation as a trusted source for your industry, then you should aim for this.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Sustainability is not just a buzzword. It’s a social and environmental cause that most people stand behind. This is why there is a surge in demand for more eco-friendly products and sustainable packaging. This extends to other ethical practices like ethical sourcing and cruelty-free products. 

90% of US consumers would boycott a brand for irresponsible corporate social responsibility. Businesses and brands that uphold their values and beliefs tend to inspire loyalty among their customers. 

Boost Your Brand Today With These Marketing Trends!

And there you have it! Keep in mind that you don’t need to apply every single trend in the list above. Choose the ones that best fit your brand and your target audience. 

If you’re looking for more marketing articles, feel free to explore our blog or read through our social media guides such as this one for Instagram Stories or Twitter (X)

Marketing is also pointless if you don’t have a strong branding to begin with. These two should be working hand-in-hand to ensure that your brand’s message and personality come across properly to your audience. Make sure that you have a well-designed logo, a cohesive visual look, and the right brand messaging for your target customers

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