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68 City Logo Design Concepts

Graphic Design68 City Logo Design Concepts

As a business owner, you know that a solid visual identity matters. Your brand is more than a name; it’s an experience, a promise, and a connection waiting to happen.

BrandCrowd’s AI logo generator can help you generate a logo in just a few minutes – no design skills or experience needed! Whether you’re a local business aiming to showcase your community pride or a global brand seeking to tap into cities’ universal appeal, our logos are designed to elevate your brand’s identity.

Join us as we dive into our collection of city logo designs:

How To Design A City Logo

Are you looking to create an iconic structure logo that captures the essence of your urban area and leaves a lasting impression on your audience? 

Designing a town logo or building logos that connect with people involves a thoughtful approach. So, how do you create a stunning city logo? Check out the tips below:

  1. Understand the City’s Identity 

Before diving into the design process, immerse yourself in your city’s unique identity and values. What makes your town special? What landmarks or architectural elements define it?

By understanding these key attributes, you can begin to brainstorm design elements that reflect the heart and soul of your city. Incorporating iconic buildings, geographical features, or maps can create a strong visual connection between your logo and the city it represents. Read more about iconography here.

  1. Harness the Power of Shapes

Shapes evoke distinct emotions and perceptions. Consider the message you want to convey through your city logo.

For instance, circular logos can represent unity and inclusivity, while sharp angles and edges might suggest modernity and dynamism. Check out our Psychology of Shapes blog to learn more about experimenting with various shapes to find the perfect balance that tells your city’s unique story.

  1. Choose the Right Colors

When designing your city logo, choose colors that align with your city’s personality and objectives. According to color psychology, blues can convey trust and stability, green symbolizes growth and sustainability, and red signifies energy and passion.

It’s essential to strike the correct color balance to evoke the desired emotional response from your target audience. 

  1. Simplicity is the Key

Remember that your logo will appear in various contexts, from business cards to billboards. Simplicity is key to ensuring your logo remains recognizable and influential at any size. 

Avoid overcrowding with excessive details or intricate designs. Aim for a clean, memorable logo that retains its impact in color and black and white. 

City Logo Ideas

Whether you’re a city official, a graphic designer, or a business owner looking to create a captivating logo for your hometown, this section is your gateway to a world of innovative design concepts, trends, and fresh ideas.

We’ve divided them into three major categories to help you find the perfect logo for your business. Check them out below:

Blue City Logos

Any shade of blue evokes a sense of trust, stability, and calm. These logos are designed with a harmonious blend of blues that reflect the spirit of cities with serene waterfronts, clear skies, and a commitment to reliability. 

Explore our collection of blue city logos below:

Modern, Sketch Environmental Consultant Logo Design by ThiagoB

Elegant, Light All Logo Design by ZeneFashions

Colorful, Beach Real Estate Logo Design by Vishak vasu

Athletic Logo Design by LogoPoko

Modern, Right Logo Design by Sergio Coelho

Modern, Right Logo Design by sankar999

Upmarket, Business Chiropractic Logo Design by ?design123

Modern, City Logo Design by Rii

Bold, Community Construction Logo Design by Veronica 10

Playful, Company Logo Design by Logocraft

House Logo Design by BNdesigner

City Logo Design by BNdesigner

High Rise Buildings by Mypen

Property City Buildings by juana

Realty City Building by juana

Building Real Estate Property by RainDraft

New York City Metropolis by Mypen

City Building Metropolitan by LogoBrainstorm

City Skyscraper Architecture by Amin007

Modern Blue City by eightyLOGOS

Bright City Building by town

Blue Circuit City by podvoodoo13

Cityscape City Logos

Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of cityscape city logos, where urban skylines and iconic landmarks take center stage. 

These logos capture cities’ bustling energy and unique character, offering a visual narrative that resonates with urban enthusiasts.

Check out our stunning cityscape logos from the templates below:

Bold, Movie Logo Design by Filo F

Modern, Unique Tourism Logo Design by cvedesign

Bold, International Logo Design by Rii

City Logo Design by Vishak vasu

Serious, Family Logo Design by voltgain

Modern, Unique Tourism Logo Design by macadesign

Serious, Tree Government Health Service Logo Design by ileanalp

Serious, Tree Government Health Service Logo Design by DJAM

City Logo Design by grrssn

Bold, Business Logo Design by GLDesigns

City Logo Design by Logo no 1

White Logo Design by nandkumar

Midnight City Silhouette by eightyLOGOS

Football City by JimjemR

New York City Buildings by Mypen

City Building Pyramid by SimplePixelSL

Urban Lighthouse City by radkedesign

London City Skyline by Mypen

Sydney Opera House by Mypen

Metropolis Building Realty by vixiiiart

Urban City Building Metropolitan by hailsatan

City Road Trip by tetsieeroll

City Mountain Adventure by Joemar

Toronto City Tower by Mypen

Abstract Building City Logos

Discover the innovative spirit of abstract city building Logos, where architecture becomes art and symbolism reigns supreme. These logos transform iconic structures into abstract representations, creating a sense of intrigue and creativity. 

Browse through the abstract logos collection below:

Modern, Urban Logo Design by Orphaned Logos

Hotel Logo Design by Logo no 1

Bold, Building Real estate Logo Design by HWdesigns

Modern, City Logo Design by Atvento Graphics

Professional, Beach Logo Design by BNdesigner

Modern, City Logo Design by geni

Professional, Beach Logo Design by Marcos!

Traditional, Square real estate Logo Design by bunda_quinesh

Modern, City Logo Design by UniqueDreamer

Playful, City Logo Design by step forward 2

Firm Logo Design by anico

Elegant, Dental Logo Design by sherman

Urban City Architecture by realdreams

Film Tower Buildings by Mypen

Sunset Realty Tower by Mypen

Bridge Building Tower by SimplePixelSL

Paint Brush Cityscape by azus

San Francisco Cityscape by Mypen

Geometric City Skyline by novita007

Modern City Building by chavalenzuela

City Bike Tour by Mypen

Paint City Skyscraper by Jhe

Design Your City Logo Today!

Through this article, we’ve explored the art and science of designing city logos, from understanding the unique essence of a city to harnessing the power of shapes and colors that resonate with the human psyche. It’s time to get your hands dirty and do the work!

Generate using our AI logo generator, or start from scratch and customize one of the logos above. Check out our website, and feel free to use our other design templates, such as YouTube videos, Postcards, Twitter Headers, and many more.

Get started with your logo today!

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