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64 Pastel Logo Design Ideas

Graphic Design64 Pastel Logo Design Ideas

Brand your business as an inviting, comfortable brand with a pastel logo. Their soft tones carry the bulk of the logo design’s power, allowing your audience to feel relaxed and connected with nature.

Check out our top picks for pastel logos and customize them with our logo maker with the ideas below.

Reasons Why You Should Use A Pastel Logo

When we say pastels, what’s the first image that pops into your mind? Babies, sweets, and relaxing tones come to mind.

But pastels as a color palette is more than that. The pastels encourage emotional design that captures the attention and heart of your market.

Pastels are colors with an added tint of white to create a lighter, softer shade. Some reasons we think a pastel logo design will work for you are:

  • The saturation is inviting to the eyes and gives off a calm, inviting vibe.
  • The color psychology of pastels has a strong association with cuteness which you can pair with your marketing scheme.
  • If you want to incorporate monochromatic colors into your design, pastels are a great way to highlight them.
  • They’re also a great way to harmonize colors and create a visual hierarchy.
  • Lastly, they’re versatile and go with any font style, icon, and more for your design.

Starting to visualize what your logo design with a pastel palette will look like? Let’s hammer to the nail on your idea and check out the picks below.

64 Pastel Logos to Communicate Ease

Customize the best pastel logo for your business with a plethora of ideas right here. Highlight your business name or create a mascot that your audience can relate to and spice it up with a pastel palette.

We divided the templates into five main categories where pastels shine.

Animal Logos

The first on the list are animal designs. When paired with soft color combinations, these titular and cute creatures allow you to show your business’s values, thoughts, and feelings in a non-overpowering way.

Compared with red, which exudes passion, or a solid blue, which shows strong professionalism, their lighter versions are friendly and work well with various tints and shades.

Design the perfect friendly animal logo through the pastel templates below.

Animal Pet Clinic by town

Bird logo template by Shaheen Ahmed

Cute Logo Design by hoaihoai

Cute Logo Design by Mathan Jawahar

Cute Logo Design by R M

Elegant, Business Retail Logo Design by StalkerV

Goat Pasture Animal by ernestjdx

Heart Animal Clinic by Clee

Multicolor Elephant Animal by LogoRU

Kitten by Alfrey Davilla | vaneltia

Simple Logo Design by Indrawasih

Floral Logos

Next, we have the sweet scent of floral logos. Flowers are a great visual for growing and blooming brands.

And when paired with a pastel, they give off a vibe of girliness and have a soft touch to your label designs. And like animals, each flower has a meaning your business may want to embody.

Find the best pastel floral logo design for your business below.

Bold, Fresh Life Coaching Logo Design by GreenLamp

Bonnet Bakehouse Identity by Kevin Kroneberger

Elegant, Beautiful Florist Logo Design by aftrmidnite

Floral Building Architecture by SimplePixelSL

Floral Tea Cup by FishDesigns61025

Floral Stained Glass by J-lao

Flower mark by Andrii Kovalchuk????

Pastel Logo Design by Logo no 1

Water your flowers by Dalibor Pajic

Natural Floral Pattern by vixiiiart

Food Logos

Who’s hungry for something sweet?

We know we are, so why not brand your pastry shop as sweeter than ever with a pastel logo? When you go for this food logo design, you’re setting yourself up for a modern look that goes with the era.

You can have a minimalist look that could have a gradient color while using line art to highlight what your business sells. The soft hues give your product or service a friendly, inviting vibe to eat.

Stand out in your industry with a food logo idea colored in pastel with the designs below.

30 Day Logo Challenge VIII by Jantine Zandbergen

Feminine, Feminine Logo Design by ecorokerz

Food & Milk Groceries by sicasimada

Fruit Food Art by shen02

Donut Food Cart by marcololstudio

Donut Food Truck by marcololstudio

Ice Cream Company Logo by Christine Scarcelli

Personable, Cute Hospitality Logo Design by Samantha Ward Design

Pastel Ice Cream by Mypen

Pastel Logo Design by artespraticas

Playful, Simple Patisserie Logo Design by Brewyart Creative

Taco Food Snack by Acel

Tangerine by Nhu Pham

Skin Care Logos

Second to last, we have skin care logos. Brand your business as one that values self-care that relaxes the user.

The neutral tones mixed with softer pink colors allow your brand to look natural and playful at the same time.

Get your brand out with one of the beauty logo ideas in the pastel below.

Beauty Hair Stylist by Mypen

Belvien – Candle Brand by Rita Saaidi

Body Logo Design by Dot Design 3

Body Logo Design by Grapi

Branding & Packaging Design for Nutrio ?? by Mustafa Akülker

Elegant, Care Logo Design by Ameeee

Elegant, Pink Logo Design by Ng V Duc

Hand Skincare Outline by JimjemR

Moon Logo Design by JBalloon Design

NORA Beauty | Make Up Artist Logo by Frederic

Personable, Natural Logo Design by ARTUGA

Purple Woman Skincare by AlvinA

Serious, Desert Skin Care Product Logo Design by cjssan

Sexy Floral Feminine by vixiiiart

Sweet Pastel Lips Lollipop by Riri

Wordmark Logos

Lastly, we have logo designs that highlight your business name idea. Announce to the world that your brand exists and add flare to your name with a mix of pastels.

Pair your typography with an adventurous pastel palette and watch your market acknowledge you with the wordmark logos below.

Bold, Cute Toys, Collectibles, and baby products by GBDESIGN

Circle Logo Design by Mega-Design

Energetic Logo Design by Arham Hidayat

Energetic Logo Design by Samantha Ward Design

Fashion Logo Design by sushsharma99

Kids Logo by Vlad GR

Niek by Niek

Not Dead Yet by Colleen Bruce

Modern, Pink Home goods Logo Design by Lykos

Modern, Simple Logo Design by MOH Studio

Pink Logo Design by OneDesign®

Salt and Sugar Creative Studio / Branding by Gulsah Cansever

SOL Logo by Sandro Jalabadze

Type Effect | Chorus by Ty Fortune

Vamos Padelsports by Type08 (Alen Pavlovic)

Customize Your Pastel Logo Today!

Give your business a professional yet friendly visual with a pastel logo today. Don’t forget to add them to various aspects of your brand identity for firmer consistency.

From business cards to animated posts and invoices, add your logo design and tell your target market you’re here to serve them.

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